Friday Earth Sciences Talks (FEST)

The Earth Sciences study countless aspects of ‘System Earth’ and, as such, form a multidisciplinary field of their own. Earth scientists often have specialist backgrounds, e.g., in biology, chemistry, hydrology, physics, material sciences, or computational sciences. There are many occasions where these specialists meet each other, varying from international conferences to local (group) seminars. But while the Earth connects everybody, people from different disciplinary backgrounds may sometimes get lost in the specialistic details of other disciplines. To tackle this 'communication problem', we introduced the Friday Earth Sciences Talks, or FEST.

With the FEST, we intend to bring the departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography together. The aim is to present (mostly) Utrecht-based Earth Sciences in an accessible way, primarily in order to stay familiar with each other’s work across disciplines. Simultaneously, this provides an excellent platform to help (in particular MSc.) students in their orientation on possible graduation specialisations and future careers. In general, the FEST is bi-weekly and takes place in the Koningsberger building. The after-social is usually in, or in front of, the Vening Meinesz A building and supported by our student society U.A.V.

The preliminary schedule is as follows, but may be subject to change.

March 1Dr Lennart de Nooijer (Royal NIOZ)
March 15Dr Elmer Ruigrok
April 12Prof. Maarten Kleinhans
April 26Dr Xianyi Liu
May 24Dr Stefan Jansen (Deltares)
June 7Dr Michelle van Vliet
June 21PhD pitch talks  (special edition)
July 5Dr Mark Dekkers (special edition)

Titles and abstracts are published one to two weeks in advance on the Events calendars of both departments: Earth Sciences and Physical Geography, as well as on Facebook. The organising FEST-committee can be contacted via