Collaboration with industry and research organisations

Utrecht is the national focal point of Earth Sciences in The Netherlands. At Utrecht University research groups from the Faculty of Geosciences and the Faculty of Sciences study a large spectrum of topics concerning the solid Earth, its hydrosphere, its biosphere and its atmosphere. Key national applied research institutes are located on campus or in the nearby area, which stimulates collaboration and strengthens the quality of research and education. We collaborate with companies of all sizes, as well as with research organisations in the (semi-)public sector. In these collaborations, we value our scientific independence and we are always looking to engage the scientific questions behind commercial and societal challenges.

Amongst our partner institutes in the Netherlands are: TNO, Royal NIOZ, Naturalis, KNMI, Deltares, RIVM, PBL, and KWR.

Larger research programmes

The Department is involved in many international and national collaborations. On the national level, we specifically highlight

National co-ordination of policies for research and education is further strengthened via the Sector Portrait Earth and Environmental Sciences.

On the international level, we participate in a number of EU-funded projects and programmes (overview on separate page). Among other international collaborations are the SFB 1313 with the University of Stuttgart, PProGRess UGent, and CEED Oslo.

We are a member of the Geo.8 - European Alliance for Earth Sciences.