Grants & fellowships


Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

SPINOZA premie

  • prof. dr. ir. Jaap Sinninghe Damsté (2004)


(Innovational Research Incentive Schemes, incl. preceding schemes)

VICI (or PIONIER programme til 2002)

  • dr. Douwe van Hinsbergen: “Plate tectonic chain reaction”. 2019-2024
  • dr. Arwen Deuss: “Imaging the deep Earth: Attenuation tomography using novel observations of free oscillations”. 2016-2021
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp: "Response of the iron biogeochemical cycle on continental shelves to seawater deoxygenation". 2014-2019
  • dr. Wout Krijgsman: "The evolution of Paratethys: the lost sea of Central Eurasia". 2011-2016
  • dr. Lucas Lourens: "Evolution of astronomically paced climate changes from Greenhouse to Icehouse world". 2010-2015
  • dr. Stefan Schouten (at NIOZ): "From hothouse to icehouse: Evolution of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sea water temperatures". 2006-2011
  • prof. dr. Rob van der Hilst: "Computational seismology: toward a quantitative understanding of Earth's deep interior". 2003-2008
  • prof. dr. Jack Middelburg (at NIOO-CEME): "Sediment Biogeochemistry and Benthic Ecology: Two sides of the Carbon Processing Story". 2002-2007
  • prof. dr. Philippe Van Cappellen: "Biogeochemical dynamics of redox-stratified environments". 2001-2006
  • dr. Frits Hilgen: "Late Neogene climate variability in annual to Milankovitch frequency bands. An integrated Mediterranean approach". 1999-2003
  • dr. Martyn Drury: "Deformation processes, rheology and tectonics of the Earth's upper mantle". 1995-2000
  • dr. ir. Jaap Sinninghe Damsté: "Molecular palaeontology of marine sediments". 1993-1998
  • prof. dr. Roel Snieder & prof. dr. Rinus Wortel: "Detailed Structure and Dynamics of the Upper Mantle". 1991-1996

Other equivalent/similar NWO programmes

  • prof. dr. Jeannot Trampert: "Probabilistic tomography: from seismic waveforms to thermo-chemical models using neural networks". TOP-subsidie. 2011 - 2015
  • dr. Mark Dekkers: "The natural remanent magnetization (NRM) in sedimentary rocks as a record of the Earth's magnetic field". 1997-2002


  • dr. ir. Francien Peterse: “Elucidating monsoon dynamics: deconvolving temperature and precipitation in East Asian climate reconstructions”. 2019-2024
  • dr. Lennart de Groot: “The spatial and temporal evolution of geomagnetic anomalies”. 2019-2024
  • dr. Laura Cobden: “Do thermochemical plumes exist in the Earth’s mantle? – Solving the enigma”. 2018-2023
  • dr. Martin Ziegler: “Cenozoic ice sheets and global warming: Insights from clumped isotopes”. 2017-2022
  • dr. Joris Eggenhuisen: "Eurotank studies of experimental deepwater sedimentology (EUROSEDS)" (awarded May 2014)
  • dr. André Niemeijer: "Slip and earthquake nucleation in experimental and numerical simulations: a multi-scale, integrated and coupled approach (SEISMIC)" (awarded May 2013)
  • dr. Johan Weijers: "Terra Incognita: Painting the picture of continental climate development during the Pliocene" (awarded May 2012)
  • dr. Andreas Fichtner: "Full waveform inversion for upper-mantle density structure". (awarded May 2012)
  • dr. Douwe van Hinsbergen: "Subduction initiation reconstructed from Neotethyan Kinematics (SINK)): An integrated geological and numerical study of the driving forces behind plate tectonics". (awarded May 2012)
  • dr. Jorijntje Henderiks: "Climate adaption and long-term evolution". (awarded Nov. 2009)
  • dr. Guillaume Dupont-Nivet: "Is the collision between India and Asia responsible for global climate cooling?". 2008-2012
  • dr. Pierre Regnier: "Marine methane flux and climate change: from biosphere to geosphere". 2005-2010
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp: "The global marine phosphorus cycle: from preservation mechanisms in sediments to global climate change". 2005-2010
  • dr. Paul Mason: "No volcanic activity, no life". 2005-2010
  • dr. Lucas Lourens: "Milankovitch climate forcing and the Earth's rate of rotation". 2003-2008
  • dr. Wout Krijgsman: "Geodynamics and Climate". 2001-2006


  • dr. Maartje Houben: “Mapping the highways and byways of fluid transport in shale rocks”. 2017-2020
  • dr. Case van Genuchten: “Investigating the geochemical and electrochemical controls on the formation, stability, and arsenic uptake mechanism of mixed valent Fe(II,III)  phases generated by Fe(0) electrocoagulation” (awarded July 2015)
  • dr. Lennart de Groot: “Capturing short-lived treats of the Earth’s magnetic field” (awarded July 2015)
  • dr. Peter Kraal: "Iron mineral transformations and preservation" (awarded July 2014)
  • dr. Amir Raoof: "Bridging the gap between the pore and macroscales: the missing link in modelling solute transport through unsaturated zone" (awarded July 2014)
  • dr. ir. Francien Peterse: "The dynamics of land-sea carbon transfer" (awarded July 2013)
  • dr. Peter Bijl: "The Dawn of Greenhouse Earth: climate and carbon cycle dynamics of the Paleocene" (awarded July 2013)
  • dr. Oliver Plümper: "Reaction-induced fracturing and the force of crystallization: How fluids eat their way through impermeable rocks" (awarded July 2013)
  • dr. Jorien Vonk: "Ancient organic matter that matters: the fate of Siberia Yedoma deposites" (awarded July 2012)
  • dr. Micha Ruhl: "Quantification of environmental response to large-scale greenhouse gas release: an integrated organic-inorganic geochemical approach to quantify rate and magnitude of carbon release driven environmental change during past global mass extinctions" (awarded July 2012)
  • dr. Sebastiaan Rampen: "A novel tool for continental climate reconstruction: long-chain diols in lake sediments" (awarded July 2012)
  • dr. Hemmo Abels: "Terrestrial climate change and river floodplain dynamics during extreme greenhouse conditions in the Early Eocene". 2012-2015
  • dr. Silja Hüsing: "Middle Miocene global cooling: climate change through gateway closure?". 2010-2013
  • dr. André Niemeijer: "Laboratory simulation of the earthquake cycle on continental faults". 2009-2012
  • dr. Iuliana Vasiliev: "Paratethys hydrological budget during the Messinian Salinity Crisis". 2009-2012
  • dr. Johan Weijers: "Continental climate reconstruction; validation and application of a new molecular palaeothermometer". 2008-2011
  • dr. Auke Barnhoorn: "Deformation and anisotropy in the deep upper mantle and continental subduction zones: a study of Norwegian ultra-high pressure peridotites". 2007-2010
  • dr. Klaudia Kuiper: "Calibrating Earth history". awarded 2007
  • dr. Sandra Langezaal: "Benthic foraminifera: overlooked participants in the nitrogen cycle". awarded 2007
  • dr. Mariëtte Wolthers: "Mimicking Trace Element Incorporation during Calcite biomineralisation: constraints on vital effects". 2007-2010
  • dr. Douwe van Hinsbergen: "Exhumation with a twist: the evolving anatomy of a metamorphic core complex". 2006-2009
  • dr. Guillaume Dupont-Nivet: "Coupled geodynamic to climatic changes during Tibetian uplift". 2005-2008
  • dr. Sander Ernst: "Life from the past? A field and experimental study of changing (paleo)ecological signsla in the transition from living to dead foraminiferal assemblages". 2005-2009
  • dr. Saskia ten Grotenhuis: "Small-scale structures determine the strength of the Earth's crust". 2005-2008
  • dr. Anniet Laverman: "Relating microbes and biogeochemical process rates - response to environmental perturbations". 2003-2006

ASPASIA programme

  • dr. Arwen Deuss, in addition to her VICI-grant. 2016
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp, in addition to her VIDI-grant. 2006

NWO-FOM-SHELL CSER Programme (Computational Science for Energy Research)

  • dr. Mariëtte Wolthers: “Bridging scales: computing the dynamics of mineral dissolution and growth at the atomic-to-continuum scale in carbonate rocks” (2015-2020)

CASIMIR programme

  • dr. ir. Cas Berentsen, "Zekerder onder de grond"
    Shell International Exploration and Production NV. Granted 2005

VAN GOGH programme

Dutch-French cooperation

  • dr. Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, granted 2007
    cooperation with Université Paul Sabatier, Laboratoire des Mécanismes et Transferts en Géologie (LMTG), Toulouse
  • dr. Mariëtte Wolthers, granted 2007
    cooperation with Université de Science et Technologies de Lille 1
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp, granted 2007
    cooperation with Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
  • dr. Pierre Regnier, granted 2006
    cooperation with Université Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse

RUBICON programme

  • dr. Tanja Stratmann. “Gold rush in the deep sea: Impacts of deep-sea mining induced sediment plumes on the abyssal ecosystem.”
    Max-Planck-Institut für Marine Mikrobiologie, Bremen (Germany). Granted January 2019, for 2 years.
  • dr. Wentao Huang. “Dating erosion and ground water flow on the roof of the world.”
    University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences (USA). Granted July 2015, for 2 years.
  • dr. Martin Ziegler, "Natuurlijke variabiliteit in CO2 – Analoog voor het globale klimaat aan het eind van de 21ste eeuw?"
    Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (USA). Granted December 2009, for 2 years.
  • dr. Sandra Arndt, "De broeikas afkoelen"
    Université Paul Sabbatier, Laboratoire des Mécanismes et Transferts en Géologie - LMTG (France). Granted March 2008, for 2 years.
  • dr. Nynke Keulen, "Weakening of basaltic fault rock deformed at a seismic slip-rate"
    Centre National de Recherche Scientifique Université Joseph Fourier (France) & Hiroshima University (Japan). Granted July 2007, for 2 years.
  • dr. Vincent van Hinsberg, "Element partitioning between minerals and fluids as a tool to unravel the chemical evolution of fluids"
    McGill University, Montreal (Canada). Granted April 2007, for 2 years.
  • dr. Kim Berlo, "The distribution and interaction of exsolved volatiles and magma prior to volcanic eruptions"
    McGill University, Montreal (Canada). Granted July 2006, for 2 years.
  • dr. André Niemeijer, "Mechanical and hydraulic evolution of fractures and faults in the Earth's crust"
    Pennsylvania State University (USA). Granted March 2006, for 2 years.

TOPTALENT programme

  • Sabine den Hartog MSc, "Rheological behaviour and slip stability of megathrust earthquake faults"
    Granted May 2008, start Ph.D. fall 2008


Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Fellowship/ Programma Akademie-Onderzoeker

  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp: "Modellering van biogeochemische processen in ondergrondse estuaria". 2001-2005

European Commission / European Research Council

ERC Advanced Grant

  • prof. dr. ir. Jaap Sinninghe Damsté (at NIOZ)
    MICROLIPIDS: Microbial Lipids: The three domain lipid divide revisited. 2016
  • prof. dr. ir. Majid Hassanizadeh
    PorSci: A new paradigm in modelling flow and transport in porous media: revisiting foundations of porous media science. 2013
  • prof. dr. ir. Stefan Schouten (at NIOZ)
    DOILS: Long chain diols as novel organic proxies for paleoclimate reconstructions. 2013
  • prof. dr. Jeannot Trampert
    iGEO: "Integrated Geodynamics: Reconciling geophysics and geochemistry". 2012
  • prof. dr. ir. Jaap Sinninghe Damsté
    PACEMAKER: "Past continental climate change: temperatures from marine and lacustrine archives". 2008

ERC Consolidator Grant

  • dr. Mariëtte Wolthers
    : Determining the impact of charge on crystal nucelation. 2018
  • prof. dr. Appy Suijs
    SPANC: Evolution and Variability of Climate Sensitivity and Polar Amplification during CeNozoic Warm Climates. 2017
  • dr. Arwen Deuss
    ATUNE: Attentuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth’s free oscillations. 2016

ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant

  • dr. Lennart de Groot
    Paleomagnetism and rock-magnetism by Micro-Magnetic Tomography. 2019
  • dr. Oliver Plümper
    The nanoscale control of reactive fluids on geological processes within the solid Earth. 2019
  • dr. Peter Bijl
    Paleoceanography of the Ice-proximal Southern Ocean during Past Warm Climates. 2018
  • dr. André Niemeijer
    SEISMIC: Slip and Earthquake nucleation in Experimental and numerical Simulations: a Multi-scale, Integrated and Coupled approach. 2013
  • dr. Johan Weijers
    New proxies to quantify continental climate development during the Pliocene. 2012
  • dr. Douwe van Hinsbergen
    SINK: Subduction Initiation reconstructed from Neotethyan Kinematics: An iterative geological and numerical study of the driving forces behind plate tectonics. 2012
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp
    PHOXY: Phosphorus dynamics in low-oxygen marine systems: quantifying the nutrient-climate connection in Earth’s past, present and future. 2011
  • dr. Appy Sluijs
    DINOPRO: From Protist to Proxy: Dinoflagellates as signal carriers for climate and carbon cycling during past and present extreme climate transitions. 2010

Marie Curie Fellowships

  • Individual Fellowship (IF-EF), dr. Niels de Winter
    UNBIAS: “UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced techniques for accurate reconstructions of sub-annual climate”. 2020-2022
  • Individual Fellowship (IF-EF), dr. José Mogollón
    COASTAL HYPOXIA: “Disentangling anthropogenic and natural causes for global coastal hypoxia”. 2015-2017
  • Individual Fellowship (IF-EF), dr. Martin Ziegler
    CLUMPLAB: “A clumped isotope laboratory for the Netherlands”. 2015-2017
  • International Outgoing Fellowship (PIOF), dr. Helen King (transferred from UCL)
    TMuPiFe: “Tracing microbes using phosphate in Fe-oxide environments”. 2014-2015
  • International Outgoing Fellowship (PIOF), dr. Vasileios Chatzaras
    RHEOMANTLE: "Evaluation of mantle rheology in exhumed strike-slip faults". 2014-2016
  • Incoming International Fellow (IIF), dr. Natalia Chubar
    FEMN BIOSORP: "Redox cycling of iron and manganese – the role of biosorption". 2006-2008
  • Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), dr. Fatimá Martín-Hernandez:
    PYRRHAMAS: "The influence of magnetic anisotropy on the direction of natural remanences in pyrrohotite and hematite bearing rocks". 2004-2007
  • Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), dr. Guillaume Dupont-Nivet
    "Tibetan uplift and related climate change". 2003-2005

Utrecht University

High-Potential Programme

  • dr. Gert-Jan Reichart, with dr. Rike Wagner and dr. Stefan Dekker: "Hurricanes and Global Change". 2006-2011
  • dr. ir. Caroline Slomp, with dr. Hans Middelkoop: "Modeling nutrient fluxes at the land-ocean interface: terrestrial controls, impact on coastal waters and response to global change". 2005-2010
  • dr. Wout Krijgsman, with dr. Wolfram Kürschner: "Earth and Life's history: from Core to Biosphere". 2005-2010


Helmholtz-University Young Investigator Group

  • dr. Ilka Weikusat
    "The effect of deformation mechanisms for ice-sheet dynamics". Through the grant a new research team combines and strengthens research between Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven, the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, and the Utrecht Department of Earth Sciences. 2012-2017
  • dr. Martin Thullner
    "Geomicrobial Reactive Transport Systems: Model Developments and Environmental Applications". Through the grant a new research team combines and strengthens research between the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ in Leipzig, Germany, and the Utrecht Department of Earth Sciences. 2007-2012

USA NSF International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

  • dr. Erin Kraal
    "Alluvial Fan Modeling and Applications to Mars Climate". 2006-2007