Full-time chairs

Dynamics of the Earth's mantle prof.dr. Wim Spakman
Earth materials and deformation prof.dr. Chris Spiers
Electronmicroscopy and nanostructures prof.dr. Martyn Drury
General geochemistry prof.dr. Jack Middelburg
Hydrogeology prof.dr.ir. Majid Hassanizadeh
Magnetostratigraphy prof.dr. Wout Krijgsman
Marine biogeochemistry prof.dr.ir. Caroline Slomp
Paleoclimatology prof.dr. Lucas Lourens
Paleoceanography prof.dr. Appy Sluijs
Paleomagnetism prof.dr. Cor Langereis
Quantitative water management
of semi-arid environments
prof.dr.ir. Ruud Schotting (Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said Chair)
Seismology prof.dr. Jeannot Trampert
Structure and composition of Earth's deep interior prof. dr. Arwen Deuss

Part-time chairs (main employer)

Marine geology prof.dr. Gert-Jan Reichart (Royal NIOZ)
Marine palaeobiology prof.dr. Henk Brinkhuis (Royal NIOZ)
Molecular paleontology prof.dr.ir. Stefan Schouten (Royal NIOZ)
Organic geochemistry prof.dr.ir. Jaap Sinninghe Damsté (Royal NIOZ)
Theoretical geochemistry and mineralogy prof.dr. Nora de Leeuw (Cardiff University)
Vertebrate paleontology prof.dr. Jelle Reumer

Extraordinary chairs (main employer)

Distinguished University Professor prof.dr. Sierd Cloetingh  
Analysis and modeling of transport processes in porous media prof.dr. Hans van Duijn  
Architecture, thermicity and resources of sedimentary basins and orogens prof.dr. Francois Roure (IFPEN)
Integrated Basin Information Systems prof.dr. Jan-Diederik van Wees (TNO)
Nutrient transport from land to sea prof.dr.ir. Lex Bouwman (PBL)
Quantitative microbial water safety prof.dr. J.F. Schijven (RIVM)


Retired and/or left

  • prof.dr. J. de Jager, regional and petroleum geology
  • prof.dr. G.J. de Lange, marine geochemistry and chemical oceanography
  • prof.dr. P.L. de Boer, sedimentology
  • prof.dr. M.J.R. Wortel, tectonophysics
  • prof.dr. R.L.M. Vissers, orogenesis and lithospheric extension
  • prof.dr. P.S.J. Van Cappellen, geochemistry
  • prof.dr. E. Jansma, dendrochronology & palaeoecology (transferred in 2011 to department of Physical Geography)
  • prof.dr. M. Hale, economic geology
  • prof.dr. R.D. van der Hilst, computational seismology 
  • prof.dr. G.J. van der Zwaan, biogeology
  • prof.dr. J.W. de Leeuw, organic geochemistry
  • prof.dr. C.J. van der Zwan, applied stratigrafic prediction
  • prof.dr. S.H. White, structural geology
  • prof.dr. Th.E. Wong, sedimentary geology of NL
  • prof.dr. B.H.W.S. de Jong, petrology
  • prof.dr. J.E. Meulenkamp, stratigraphy/paleontology
  • prof.dr. J.C. Mondt, applied geophysics
  • prof.dr. H.A.J. Oonk, thermodynamics
  • prof.dr. R.K. Snieder, seismology
  • prof.dr. C.H. van der Weijden, marine & hydrogeochemistry
  • prof.dr. R.D. Schuiling, geochemistry  
  • prof.dr. H.N.A. Priem, planetary geology
  • prof.dr. J.D.A. Zijderveld, paleomagnetism
  • prof.dr. K. Helbig, exploration geophysics 
  • prof.dr. G. Nolet, seismology
  • prof.dr. H. Das, radiochemistry
  • prof.dr. D. Eisma, sedimentary geology