Our vision

The Tectonics Group at Utrecht University develops novel process-oriented methods and concepts able to link the spatial and temporal scales governing the interaction of deep crustal and shallow processes. The focus is on the quantitative characterisation of processes driving the formation and evolution of sedimentary basins and orogenic (mountain) systems in terms of strain, stress, sediment and temperature distribution/localization, and the relationship with external and internal forcing.

The multi-scale, multi-physics and multi-disciplinary fundamental research methods and concepts of the Tectonics Group are coupled with societal-relevant issues in terms of geohazards, such as natural or induced seismicity, and the sustainable exploration and exploitation of geo-resources, such as geothermal energy, together with the sustainable storage in the subsurface. The methods and concepts are developed, tested and validated in relevant European natural laboratories, as well a number of key areas worldwide, including significant focus on understanding induced geohazards and development of sustainable energy in the Netherlands subsurface.