Dr. Ronald Pijnenburg

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 2.92
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Ronald Pijnenburg

Project Manager
Structural geology & EM

European Plate Observation System - Netherlands (EPOS-NL) is a national research infrastructure for Solid Earth Sciences, formed by TU Delft, KNMI and Utrecht University, and funded by NWO. The main aim of EPOS-NL is to provide national and international researchers with access to its research facilities and data, and so to optimize the use of means available for- and enhance efficiency of (multi-disciplinary) research into the geo-societal challenges. Such challenges include exploration for (renewable) geo-energy resources, storage of fuels, CO2 and wastewater in the sub-surface, and hazards like induced or natural earthquakes.

EPOS-NL facilities include:
1) The Earth Simulation Lab (ESL) at Utrecht University, for experiments and simulations of sub-surface rock and reservoir behaviour;
2) A deep geothermal well (DAPWELL) at TU Delft, for fundamental and applied research in an operating geothermal system;
3) The ORFEUS earthquake data centre at KNMI, for monitoring of and providing data on induced and natural earthquakes;
4) A distributed facility for state-of-the art, multi-scale imaging and tomography of rock samples (MINT) at Utrecht University and TU Delft.

Data generated at EPOS-NL facilities are made publically available through the EPOS infrastructure developed at the European level. Thus, EPOS-NL contributes directly to efficiency and transparency of (inter)national Solid Earth Scientific research.