Support staff

This page provides a limited overview of support staff available in or to the department.
General service departments (HR, F&C, etc.), as well as technical and analytical support through Geolab and Earth Simulation Lab, are not included. Student-assistants are also excluded (with one or two exceptions).

For all members and registered visitors of the department, see alphabetic listings under People.

Management support & secretariat

Research Support Office (RSO Geosciences)

For advice, support ánd the approval procedure of research proposals, budgets, and research contracts. General contact:

Contact persons for Earth Sciences, including their specific dedication to expertise groups:

  • Ahmet Yaman, Experimental Rock Def / Mantle Dynamics / Paleomagnetism / Petrology / Seismology / Structural Geology / Tectonics
  • Dorien Kool: Tectonophysics / Geochemistry / Hydrogeology / Marine Pal&Pal / Organic Geochemistry / Sedimentology / Strat-Pal

General & project control (@ F&C department)

Project and data management

Technical, analytical, IT & numerical support

Follow links for Geolab and ESL-team.