Environmental Earth Sciences

Cycling of water and elements

The Environmental Earth Sciences aim at an increased understanding of Earth’s hydrological and biogeochemical cycles. We study natural and human-induced physical and geochemical processes, patterns, and dynamics that control the functioning of environments at the Earth’s surface. These environments are increasingly being perturbed by human activities at various temporal and spatial scales.

Taking care of Earth

Results help us to take better care of our planet and also to benefit from it in a more sustainable way. For example: how does surface runoff and groundwater flow contribute to the transport of nutrients on land? How can we predict the spread of pollutants in soils, groundwater, lakes, and the ocean? How can we prevent the adverse environmental degradation of essential natural resources or promote their remediation? How can we contribute to the search for and use of alternative energies, such as geothermal energy, hydrogen fuel and biofuels?