The staff members (and PhD students) of the Experimental Rock Deformation Group are involved in teaching several Bachelor and Master courses. In addition, we are involved in the supervision of Bachelor, honours and Master projects and internships.

BSc courses

  • Structure and Properties of Earth Materials (GEO3-1304)
  • Continuum Mechanics and Rheology of the Crust and Mantle (GEO3-1302)
  • Structural Geology and Tectonics (GEO3-1307)
  • Fieldwork 2: Orogenese (GEO3-1210)

MSc courses

  • Structural Analysis of Deformed Rocks (GEO4-1411)
  • Mechanisms of Deformation and Transport in Rocks (GEO4-1410)
  • Earth Mineral Resources (GEO4-1425)
  • Geothermal and Unconventional GEO-Resources (GEO4-1437)
  • Field Research Instruction Geology (GEO4-1430)
  • Modelling of Crust and Lithosphere Deformation (GEO4-1442)

Courses can be found in the Osiris catalogue.