Dr. André Niemeijer

Earth Simulation Lab
Princetonlaan 4
Kamer 0.38
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. André Niemeijer

Associate Professor
Experimental rock deformation
+31 30 253 1177

Research Interest

My main interest is fault and earthquake mecanics and all the various processes that are involved in the seismic cycle. This includes the evolution of fault strength over long and short timescales, the evolution of fault permeability and the effects of fluids. 

Currently, I am leading a NWO-funded project with the title "How hot do faults get" within the framework of the DEEPNL research program (DEEPNL) Asides from this, I am involved in several other projects that concern the general question of how faults behave. These include research of laboratory earthquakes through AE sensing, effects of stress on mineral reactions, the strength of the Median Tectonic Line, a major fault in Japan, and the structure and strength of an exhumed fault in New Zealand which is believed to be representative of the upper part of the Hikurangi subduction zone. 

Research opportunities for BSc and Msc are plentiful and include experimental work with the unique hydrothermal rotary shear apparatus in Utrecht (which can reach 700 ºC!), microstructural work on naturally and experimentally deformed samples as well as numerical modelling work using seismic cycle simulators or the Discrete Element Method. 

Check out this Youtube clip explaining our work on the occurence of earthquakes in Groningen (NL):