Facts and Figures

The Department of Earth Sciences is the largest academic Earth Sciences institute in the Netherlands, and among the larger ones in Europe. With over 175 researchers and Ph.D students we have established an international centre of excellence in scientific research and research training that actively contributes to addressing the challenges we face in developing a modern, sustainable society.

Some facts:

Indicative figures:

Composition of academic staff 31-12-2018
Academic Faculty
(excluding honorary/adjunct positions)
52 (44,7 fte)
Research Associates 42
Registered internal PhD candidates 91
Total academic staff 185
Dutch / non-Dutch origine ratio (all levels) ~48/52 %
Female / male ratio (all levels) ~34/66 %
Registered external PhD candidates 47
Student numbers 1-10-2018
BSc Earth Sciences: 438
MSc Earth Sciences:  
programme Earth, Life & Climate 73
programme Earth Structure & Dynamics 140
programme Earth Surface & Water 152
programme Marine Sciences 75
Total BSc + MSc Earth Sciences 878
Female/Male ratio (BSc + MSc programmes) ~38% / 62%
International (all MSc programmes) ~22%