All our vacancies involve paid labour agreements and are advertised on multiple locations on the web, in particular here. To apply, candidates should meet the criteria and follow the guidelines in the advertisement. This also applies to vacant PhD positions. Please, do not send an application to the Graduate School of Geosciences or to professors if no job opening is announced.

PhD Scholarships:

Note that it is only in rare exceptions, and only upon strong recommendations from one or more of our own professors, that we will accept a scholarship PhD. All PhD scholarships should have non-Dutch funding that covers (at least) 4 years. In addition to a personal allowance for costs of housing and living, a bench fee to cover research and training costs may be required. This depends of the nature of intended study and of the availability of financial research funding to the intended supervisor. We don't offer any scholarships for PhD students ourselves.

General information for selected non-EU/EER applicants

Selected candidates for paid positions (as well as accepted candidates that bring their own scholarship), who need visa and/or working permits for The Netherlands should be aware that these procedures usually require 4 months processing time. The visa procedure is started by our International Service Desk (ISD) only after the job is offered and accepted (or after a formal hospitality agreement has been arranged with the scholarship student or fellow). Finding housing in or near Utrecht is your own responsibility. This may prove difficult and is often not cheap, but our ISD may be able to provide some advice.