Educational organisation

The three departments of the faculty - Law, Economics (U.S.E.) and Governance (USG) - are responsible for the implementation of their education. Each department has his own education director who is responsible for the management of its education.

Each department within the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance has a department of Education and Student Affairs (OSZ). Students and staff can turn to the Student Information Desk of their department with questions about education, including on registration for courses and programmes, schedules, study guides and exemptions.

For contact details of the Student Information Desks of the School of Law, School of Economics and the School of Governance, see under Faculty Student Desks.

The faculty departments of OSZ cooperate with the central department of the University Student Services. This department is responsible for central registrations and admissions of students to courses and university programmes.

For more information you can visit the Students website or contact the Students Services Desk.