More Than a Mere Combination of Schools

The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance joins together these 3 schools to form a stronger whole. The schools’ international character is reflected in their close collaboration with partners abroad, as well as their large number of international students. 

School of Law

The School of Law helps build the just society it envisions for the future by encouraging its legal experts to remain interested in the needs and possibilities of tomorrow. This is why Utrecht’s School of Law maintains a strong focus on society, the human dimension, and socially relevant education and research.

School of Economics

Economic education and research at the Utrecht University School of Economics (abbreviated U.S.E.), is practical and cutting-edge—however, the stories about the people and the communities behind the facts and figures are equally important in U.S.E.’s multidisciplinary approach to economic issues.

School of Governance

Utrecht University’s School of Governance (abbreviated USG) is already in itself a combination of public administration and organisational science. In its academic programme, research, and consultancy, the USG focusses on the question of how organisations deal with current issues and their social responsibilities.

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