Elections LEG Faculty Council 2024

The Election Committee of the Faculty of LEG organises the annual elections for the student delegation to the faculty council and bi-annual elections for the staff delegation. There will be elections for the student section of the Faculty Council in 2024 from 13 to 15 May.

The student delegation of the Faculty Council has 10 seats divided among the three departments:

  • School of Law: 4 seats
  • School of Economics: 3 seats
  • School of Governance: 3 seats

How do you stand for election?

You can stand as a candidate from 7 March to 11 April by joining an existing list or drawing up your own list. Completed and signed candidate lists (including declarations of consent) must be received digitally by 5pm on Thursday 11 April via REBO.Bestuurssecretariaat@uu.nl.

I am an international student or employee, can I apply for a place in the faculty council? 

International students and employees can also apply for a place in the faculty council, but keep in mind that Dutch is the language of communication of the council. A basic understanding of Dutch is essential and required.

More information

You can find practical information about the application process, timetable and required documents on the team site. Frequently asked questions can be found on the UU employee and student representation website. For other questions, please contact the secretary of REBO's election committee Wilma Mossink at REBO.Bestuurssecretariaat@uu.nl.