Visiting researchers and lecturers Law, Economics and Governance

At Utrecht University's Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, we welcome many visiting researchers  and lecturers throughout the year. The duration of such visits vary from a few weeks to a few years (e.g. for a PhD project).

How to apply for a visit

Are you interested in coming to our faculty on a research visit or as visiting lecturer? Then please fill out our research/lecture visit form. This does not apply for researchers or students interested in a full PhD at Utrecht University. Please read more about research phd tracks.

You have to realise that a research visit or visit as lecturer must be planned ahead in order to allow sufficient time for practical matters such as accommodation and immigration matters. For EU citizens this will take at least 4 months and for non-EU citizens at least 6 months.Your request will be reviewed by the department to which you are applying.

Please note that this form is not an official application procedure, but merely a way to direct your request to the department that seems to have the closest academic match. The department will inform you about the review of your request.

General information


The department to which you are applying may charge a bench fee and/or and administrative fee for research visits. 

Visa and residence permit

Visiting researchers  or visiting lecturers who are accepted and will need a residence permit and/or visa, will be assisted by us. Dutch Immigration Services will require you to show proof of financial means to cover your minimal costs of living. Please note: you will need at least € 1,500 per month throughout your stay. This does not include an eventual bench fee or supervision costs.

Facilities and support

Generally, we provide visiting researchers  and visiting lecturers with flexible office space (if available), general IT facilities, and library access. All visiting researchers or visiting lecturers are assigned a senior researcher or lecturer as a tutor/supervisor during their visit. 

More information

Further practical information: Visiting Utrecht University.