The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance has a multidisciplinary profile, an international orientation and a focus on society. Our research is conducted in interdisciplinary research programmes and specialized research institutes.

Research organisation

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Collaboration within Utrecht University

Centre for Global Challenges

The Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges is a collaboration between the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance and the Faculty of Humanities. UGlobe is an international and multidisciplinary platform for education and research on issues related to the contested global order. Research lines are human rights, conflict & security, sustainability  and development & equity. 

Strategic themes Utrecht University

The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance is closely involved in 3 university-wide strategic themes: 

Focus areas Utrecht University

Legal, economic or organisational aspects play a role in many focus areas of the university, including:

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It's great if, thanks to scientific research, society is changing. It's wonderful that people talk and think about inequality and that they take action. Of course, those processes are sometimes slow, but I like to commit myself to improvement.

Scientific integrity

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance has adopted both the national code of conduct for scientific integrity and the Utrecht University one. Read more about quality and integrity of research at Utrecht University.

Research related support

The Research Support Office (RSO) of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (LEG) supports researchers in obtaining external funding for their research. Their is also other support for research, for instance support for datamanagement and privacy and for communication. Read more about research rated support.