REBO Skills Academy

In this video, we explain what the REBO Skills Academy is all about.

To address complex social issues in the 21st century, it is important to develop a broader pallet of skills in addition to discipline-specific skills. These types of skills are offered by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (LEG/REBO) within the REBO Skills Academy (RSA). The RSA is a platform for profiling, connecting to major social developments and innovation.

The REBO Skills Academy is a series of modules in which students learn diverse and new skills.

Distinguish yourself

Students can improve their profile in the job market with the REBO Skills Academy (RSA). The skills offered by the RSA include communicating with broad audience, creating impact (including critical and ethical reflection on that impact), and an exploration into interdisciplinary collaborations. This will be done in part by making skills education that is already being taught available and suitable for other disciplines as well.

Complex social issues

Skills play a major role in the connection between academic knowledge and society. In addition to academic knowledge and research skills, lawyers, economists, and governance specialists need skills that aid them in using their academic insights to have impact on the big questions that our society faces. Having an impact on these questions, by means of education, is a core element of the mission of our faculty.


The RSA has a strong interdisciplinary character. Firstly because students from different disciplines follow the modules together, but also because the skills that students acquire are not directly linked to their own discipline. A module about the use of algorithms is in principle a module about the application of knowledge from other disciplines (e.g. mathematics or information sciences). The focus on application makes the module accessible. The aim is to connect skills with the student’s own discipline.

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RSA Skills Academy

Skills Education at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

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