“We train people who want to take responsibility for shaping a dynamic, resilient and adaptable society.”

1 faculty, 3 specialisations, 3 departments

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University is a unique combination of three departments: Law, Economy and Governance. These three specialisations offer education and conduct research independently as well as jointly. This multidisciplinary approach makes the faculty an outstanding partner for knowledge exchange at a high level.

Society and cooperation

Our focus is on people who want to take responsibility for shaping our society, both now and in the future. People who want to play a role in solving important social issues. This is why our faculty is fully integrated in society – for example, through national and international cooperation with government, the business sector, social organisations and academic institutes.


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PCCA conference
17 May 2018
Please apply for the 'Working conference Exclusion, Resentment and the Return of the Repressed' between 30 August-3 september 2018.
demonstranten voor gelijke rechten
15 May 2018
Linda Senden, Belle Derks, Rosemarie Buikema and Maarten Goos will share their knowledge with policy makers in OECD engagement groups.
14 May 2018
Scientific research has looked into some aspects of digital innovation on work, but many questions remain, says professor Goos.


28 May 2018 11:00 - 12:30
U.S.E. Seminar with Andrew Jones, University of York. He researches and publishes in the area of microeconometrics and health economics.
1 June 2018 14:30 - 16:00
Wouter de Zanger (law departement) defends his PhD thesis.
Wapen Entree Janskerkhof 3