Research PhD track

Inspiring research environment

The Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance is responsible for safeguarding the quality of the PhD programmes. The Graduate School provides PhD candidates with an inspiring research environment with ample scope for their personal development. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance presently employs approximately 130 PhDs.

PhD track

During their PhD track, PhD candidates conduct a research project supervised by a professor.  Their research will lead to a doctoral thesis or a series of articles published in various scientific journals. The PhD candidates follow courses provided by the Graduate School and often carry out teaching activities themselves. 

All PhD programmes are affiliated with the faculty research institutes that collaborate with national research schools.  

You can apply for a PhD position by completely filling in the web form.

For further information check the department pages: 

PhD Council

The Faculty boasts a facultywide PhD Council. The PhD Council represents the interests of the faculty PhD candidates (either employed with Utrecht University or on a scholarship or grant).