Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance

The Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance offers talented Dutch and international students and PhD candidates Master’s programmes in the field of Law, Economics and Public Administration and Organizational Science.

Research Institutes and Research Schools

All Master's and PhD programmes of the Graduate School are closely connected to the departmental research within the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. The direct link with the research programmes of the faculty offers a good garantee for the necessary combination of theory and research practice.

PhD Programmes

The Graduate School is also responsible for quality control of the PhD trajectories of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. As far as PhD training is concerned, there is close cooperation with national research schools (School for Human Rights, Ius Commune, CERES, NOB).

Read more PhD-related information about this Graduate School on the Utrecht University PhD site.

For current PhD candidates there's is detailed information availaible on the page Obtaining a PhD at the LEG Faculty (please note, this page is on the Intranet and not accessible for non-UU visitors)

Research Master's Programmes

The research oriented Master’s programmes prepare students for a scientific career: a PhD position or a position as a lecturer/researcher. The programmes also offer a solid fundament for a research position within societal or governmental institutions and stakeholders.

The Graduate School offers 3 two-year research oriented Master's programmes: