Research programmes and institutes

Research at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance is housed in various (multidisciplinary) research programmes.

Resilient Societies

Resilient Societies is a multidisciplinary research theme within the faculty. Within this theme, the faculty combines its forces in multidisciplinary research that contributes to resolving issues in society. Research is conducted along three main issues: Resilient Rule of Law, Future of Work and Regulation of Innovation.

Research School of Law

Legal research is organised into 5 main research programmes:

Research School of Economics (U.S.E.)

The U.S.E. Research Institute works from a joint research programme Multidisciplinary economics. We are organized in four sections:


The main research programme of the Utrecht University School of Governance is Public Matters. It is is divided into two major research lines:

  • Public Governance and Management
  • Organisation and Management

Other research institutes and centres

Research collaboration

At national and international level, the research institutes of the faculty cooperates with different other faculties, universities, companies and organizations. They are working together in research schools.