Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements

The winners of the Award for Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements surprise the jury year after year with the exceptional administrative and social activities they have undertaken.

Candidates for the Award for Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements can be nominated both by people within and outside of the university.

The prize for Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements 2019 went to Platform Studying Without Limitations, a platform for and by students that works for students with a functional disability.


Nominees need to meet certain specific criteria. The student or group of students must have achieved extraordinary performance in society or in a social field.

He or she has a positive effect on the image of students in general and of UU students in particular. The study results achieved by the student or group of students are fair to good.

Deadline: June 1st.

Download the full list of criteria (.pdf), of the Student Award Extraordinary Social Commitment category.

The jury 2020

  • Prof. dr. P.R. (Dop) Bär, chair, emeritus professor in Biomedical Science
  • Prof. dr. F.C. (Erik) Stam, professor in Strategy, Organization and Entrepreneurship
  • Drs. H.P.A. (Anja) Smit, University Librarian
  • Members of ‘Platform Studying Without Limitations', winners of the Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements Award 2019.

Secretary: Lennart van Wageningen, Academic Affairs.

More information: Lennart van Wageningen (l.j.vanwageningen@uu.nl).