Educational innovation

Innovation requires time and money. Utrecht University provides in this by means of the Educatieve Middelen Pool (Educational Resources Pool), the Teaching Fellowship Programme and the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund. The lecturer as a professional is at the forefront here as the initiator of the innovation. CAT and partners also offer educational advice, and many tips and knowledge are available through our Teaching and Learning Collection. 

Advice and support
Want to start innovating your education? CAT and partners offer (educational) advice.

See all options for subsidies to innovate and improve your education.

Teaching and Learning Collection
Through the collection we share knowledge by and for lecturers, such as articles, learning activities, and the results of educational projects.

Future Learning Spaces
In the project Future Learning Spaces we experiment with new concepts to explore how the physical learning environment can contribute to the Utrecht educational vision.

Innovation projects and sustainable embedding
When innovations start, they are regularly subsidised through temporary funds. After the experiment ends, innovation projects can be given a place in the educational landscape.

Money and means for innovative education ideas