Educational Consultancy & Professional Development translates academic insights into the daily practice of teaching. As a teaching professional you can come to us throughout the course of your career for training, advice and solutions tailored to your specific teaching-related needs.

Our services

We offer:

  • professional consultation
  • training, advice and coaching
  • educational advice
  • support during educational change projects
  • practical research
  • knowledge exchange between educational fields
  • support in processing examination and assessment data
  • advice on issues relating to the transition from secondary to university education

Our clients

We operate nationwide with a specific focus on the following sectors:

  • pre-school education and early years
  • primary education
  • secondary education
  • senior secondary vocational education
  • higher education
  • the government and business sector

Our characteristics

  • professional service at an academic level
  • based on the latest academic insights
  • thorough knowledge of educational practice
  • results oriented, practical
  • broad and versatile
  • flexible, innovative, reliable

Services in English

We provide the following courses in English for the higher education sector:

Teaching qualification courses


How to teach

Supervising research

PhD programmes

Academic skills for students

Are you interested in taking one of our other courses in English? Please let us know.