Government and business sector

Overheid en bedrijfsleven

Not only regular educational institutions, but also sector and company training programmes and governmental organisations concerned with education can enlist our expertise if they have questions about learning and education. We give advice on learning in organisations and together with you work on professionalisation and educational policy.

We are specialised in:

  • developing lifelong learning
  • didactics and differentiationprofessionalising teachers
  • train-the-trainer 
  • workplace learning
  • research into your own practice and inquiry-based learning
  • feedback and testing
  • blended learning
  • video feedback coaching
  • quality assurance of education
  • critical thinking and media awareness
  • internationalisation in education
  • development of the educational organisation
  • science and technology in primary education

Examples of development tracks

  • Coaching and training of employees with a teaching role, to support them in developing and teaching courses;
  • Train-the-trainer tracks: in conjunction with a trainer we develop and teach a course, enabling the trainer to teach it on their own in the future;
  • The development of educational plans to increase employees’ knowledge and skills;
  • The development of tools and procedures (such as questionnaires or interview protocols) to assure quality of educational programmes.

Previous clients

Politie Academie, Ministerie van OCW, gemeente Utrecht, KNMI, Griffie Tweede Kamer, SURF, NWO/NRO, programma School aan zet