Workshop Effective Reading Strategies

Student werkend aan een tafel met boeken en aantekeningen.

Are you taking a course that requires a lot of reading? Falling behind in reading chapters and articles? Or have you read everything, but it doesn't stick? Then it's a good idea to have a look at your approach. Where do you start? Do you have to read everything? And how do you ensure that the information sticks?

In this workshop, you will learn what you need to gain an overview of the subject matter. You will also be given tools to not only go through a text faster but also to better understand and remember the most important information. 


  • Goal orientation
  • Brainbased learning
  • Planning your reading sessions
  • Four reading strategies


This workshop will be taught in English and is open to anyone, both non-Dutch and Dutch UU students at any level. When all participants speak Dutch fluently, the course will be taught in Dutch.

Duration and frequency

One meeting of 1,5 hours.
This workshop is offered 4x per year.

Maximum no. participants



  • UU-students: € 15,- (registration fees)
    For students of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine the costs are covered by the faculty
  • Students outside UU: € 70,-
  • For UvH-students the costs are covered by the UvH


In Dutch

Also see the Dutch version of this course: Effectieve leesstrategieën


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