Skills booster: Speedwriting

Illustratie van een student achter een laptop met haar duim omhoog.

When working on a writing assignment, it can be difficult to start writing. To get those first thoughts, first versions or first drafts down on paper, you can use the technique of Speedwriting. Ready to make some real progress with your text? Check out the information on this page and get started right away!

How does speedwriting work?

In short: You set an alarm clock, start writing and don't stop until the alarm goes off. All of this without looking (critically) at what you've written.

When to use this technique?

Speedwriting can be done at different times in a writing process and with different goals and outcomes. Therefore, it is important to think about what stage of your writing process you are in and what your goal is.

First draft

If you already have an idea of what your text is going to look like and you prepared an outline, you can start to speedwrite your first draft. That's what the video below is about.

Free writing

If you want to develop ideas, you can do 'free writing'. You write down whatever is in your head, without censoring yourself. It is important to be able to freely associate. In the video below free writing is further explained.

Trash draft

If you already have some ideas or information (or data), and you want to find out if you have given it enough thought to start writing, you write a trash version. Again, try not to judge yourself critically and write on.

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