Personal support

It is our aim that students attend a workshop or course as much as possible to acquire the desired skills as experience has shown that participating in a group of fellow students often has added value in comparison to an individual approach. However, there may be reasons that make an individual consultation desirable.

Students can get an individual consultation for support with the development of academic skills. This option is offered in the following cases:

  • students who due to scheduling or personal circumstances cannot attend a workshop or course
  • students with a very specific question which is not touched upon in our workshops or courses
  • international students who have questions that are not covered in our English language course offering
  • a student who has the need for a follow-up individual consultation after having attended a workshop or course


Three consults of 1 hour.

Exploratory meeting

The desirability of an individual consultation is also assessed beforehand in an exploratory meeting. You can schedule an exploratory meeting directly via


UU-students pay €15,- (registration fees) for 3 consults.