About us

We train (educational) professionals over the entire duration of their career and offer custom solutions for educational problems. We always base ourselves on recent insights in educational, didactic, and behavioural sciences. Educational Development & Training (ED&T) is part of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Utrecht University.

Mission statement

We provide support for educational professionals in achieving their ambitions. Through careful observation and enquiry, we work towards a concrete result which you can apply in your educational practice. We translate scientific knowledge into the daily practice of teaching to find new insights into educational questions. With our personal approach and expertise combined, we strive to achieve good education. Because good education and good teachers are what makes the difference. 

Our characteristics

  • Professional service at an academic level
  • Based on the latest academic insights
  • Thorough knowledge of educational practice
  • Results oriented, practical
  • Broad and versatile
  • Flexible, innovative, reliable

Our services

  • Educational advice
  • Training and coaching
  • Support during educational change projects
  • Practical research
  • Knowledge exchange between educational fields
  • Support in processing examination and assessment data
  • Advice on the transition from secondary to university education

Our clients

We operate nationwide with a specific focus on the following sectors:

  • pre-school education and early years
  • primary education
  • secondary education
  • senior secondary vocational education
  • higher education
  • government and business sector

Our faces

Curious about the people who work at Educational Development & Training? Have a look, and feel free to contact us.