Partners and clients

Educational Development & Training works with schools, teachers and lecturers on improving the quality of education. We also work for and with various parties inside and outside Utrecht University. Below, you will find a number of these valuable partners and clients.

Collaboration within Utrecht University

  • Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning
  • Departement Education and Pedagogy
  • Graduate School of Teaching
  • Freudenthal Institute
  • U-Talent
  • Science Hub

Collaboration outside of Utrecht University

  • University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Institute for Education & Special Educational Needs)
  • University of Applied Sciences Windesheim Almere
  • Marnix Academy
  • SURF
  • Oberon
  • CED-group 
  • Various school boards in primary education (see: PO Partnerschap (in Dutch))
  • Various school boards in secondary education


Below you will find a number of our (previous) clients.

  • Educational Centre UMCU
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 
  • City of Utrecht
  • City of Amersfoort
  • Platform Bètatechniek
  • Educational organisations in tertiary, secondary, and primary education, and pre-school