Skills booster: Read faster, remember more

Study chapters 4, 7 and 9 or read this article. What does that actually mean? Do you have to read everything from A-Z, and if not; how do you ensure that you read the right things at the right time? Moreover, the pace is high, so in order to 'keep up' it is important that you know how to approach reading. 

Research shows that students who read effectively get higher grades and are able to actively participate in discussions and write papers. To study the material, you must be able to distinguish main and secondary issues, make connections to what is discussed in lectures and actively make meaning of what you read. In addition, you must be able to analyse different sources, apply them to a new issue, or question the content of a text.

Reading strategies

This video covers four reading strategies that will help you optimise the following reading skills. These reading strategies are:

  • Previewing
    This means you look through the text globally. Review the headings, bolded terms and informative images.
  • Skimming
    This involves reading excerpts from a text. Think, for example, of a summary, conclusion or discussion.
  • Scanning
    If you are looking for specific information you start scanning. With your question or a concept in mind, you look at the table of contents or let your eyes go over the text to find relevant information.
  • Detailed reading
    This is intensive reading. You read the excerpts you need to know or understand in detail. That means you read certain pieces more often and take notes.

Before you watch the video and choose a strategy, ask yourself four questions.

More tips

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