Workshop Making a solid research design

Student is aan het schrijven in de bieb

Are you working on your bachelor's or master's thesis and are you unsure about your problem statement and research question? During this workshop you will learn how to create a relevant research design with a clear research question.

If you want to conduct purposeful and efficient research having a clear and concise research question as a starting point is key. A clear question helps you decide what information you need to collect, how to analyze that information and also what you want to inform the reader about in the thesis. The criteria for a good question and research design are explained in this workshop. We discuss examples and do short exercises. Afterwards you will know what you still need to do to improve your research design or research question and/or the further implementation of the research.

Program components

  • define the subject
  • formulate a research question
  • choose sub-questions
  • theoretical framework
  • determine relevance


One meeting of 3 hours

Maximum number of participants



  • UU-students: € 15,- (registration fees)
    For students of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine the costs are covered by the faculty
  • Students outside UU: € 70,-
  • For UvH-students the costs are covered by the UvH


In het Nederlands

Also see the Dutch version of this course: Workshop Onderzoeksplan maken


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