Smart Study Strategies

Persoon onder stapel boeken

You invest a great deal of time into your studies, but your grades don’t seem to improve. Perhaps you spend too much time reading the material, or have the feeling that you don’t retain much for the exam. If you recognise yourself in this description, then the problem probably lies in the methods you use to study. Perhaps your study techniques don’t quite suit the requirements of a specific course.

This course provides insight into your preferred study methods, and the advantages and disadvantages inherent in those methods. During the session, you will be offered a variety of exercises and tools to help optimise your study methods. Participants can immediately apply the lessons learned to their own study materials, so you can experience which study methods work best for you.


  • Ideal study process
  • Mind mapping
  • Question-oriented reading
  • Concentration tips
  • Diagramming
  • Testing strategies


This course will be taught in English and is open to anyone, both non-Dutch and Dutch UU students at any level. When all participants speak Dutch fluently, the course will be taught in Dutch.

Duration and frequency

The course consists of three sessions of 2,5 hours.
The course is offered two times per year.

Maximum no. participants



  • UU-students: € 15,- (registration fees)
    For students of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine the costs are covered by the faculty
  • Students outside UU: € 95,-
  • For UvH-students the costs are covered by the UvH


In het Nederlands

Also see the Dutch version of this course: Cursus Slim Studeren


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