Presenting with confidence

Training on location

Meisje aan het presenteren voor een schoolbord vol formules

Presenting is communicating. It is not just about what you tell, but more importantly how you tell it. An important part of the anxiety and uncertainty of giving a presentation is removed by good preparation. And by practicing a lot and knowing where your qualities and points of attention lie. 

During the workshop, you will receive feedback on your presentation skills from the instructor and fellow students. We will practice such things as voice use, posture and conveying a clear core message. This workshop is designed for all students who want to improve their presentation skills. 

Maximum number of participants



UU-students: € 15,- (registration fees)
Students outside UU: € 195,-
For UvH-students the costs are covered by the UvH


In het Nederlands

Also see the Dutch version of this course: Zelfverzekerd presenteren 


T 030 253 2261