How to write an academic paper

Training on location

Jonge vrouw typt achter laptop

You are asked to write a paper, but where do you start? Is your style ‘academic’ enough? How do you make sure your line of reasoning is accurate and relevant? And how do you structure content? In this workshop, you will learn what a paper is and what skills you need to write a clear, consistent research paper. During this workshop, you will work on your own assignment. Therefore, we recommend to only register for this workshop when you are currently working on a (research) paper.


  • characteristics of a scientific paper (and the different genres)
  • structure and planning of your text
  • setting up your line of reasoning
  • peer feedback on and assignments for your own texts / assignments


This workshop will be taught in English and is open to anyone, both non-Dutch and Dutch UU students at any level. When all participants speak Dutch fluently, the course will be taught in Dutch.

Duration and frequency

One session of 2,45 hours

This workshop is offered 4 times a year in Dutch and 4 times a year in English

Number of participants

Minimum 8 participants, maximum 12


UU-students: € 15,-
Students outside UU: € 95,-
For UvH-students the costs are covered by the UvH


In het Nederlands

Also see the Dutch version of this course: Paperworkshop


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