Educational Resources Pool (for UU)

The Educational Resources Pool (Educatieve Middelen Pool, EMP) offers faculties the option of requesting educational advice and support for the improvement and innovation of their education. The EMP can be used for support with a single course, a study component, method, or instrument as well as a complete curriculum, educational organisation, or quality assurance.

Yearly, each faculty receives educational support based on its number of students. Ten percent of the available hours per faculty are reserved for professional consultation for academic staff. The allocation of EMP-hours is integrated in the planning and procedure of the Utrecht Educational Incentive Fund (Utrechts Stimuleringsfonds, USO). For more information visit the website of the Centre for Academic Training and Learning.

Our expertise

Educational Development & Training has many years of experience supporting EMP-projects, on faculty level as well as with interfaculty projects. We have a broad educational expertise and an involved team of 40 educational consultants

EMP-projects highlighted


For substantive questions or questions about the application process for EMP hours, please contact your faculty contact.

For general questions, please contact EMP-coordinators Willemijn Schot and Elma Zijderveld.