Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning 2022: this is what the anniversary year looked like

Last year was a year of celebration for the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT): the CAT celebrated its fifth anniversary! One of the ways we celebrated this was with the well-attended symposium 'All Inclusive', which we organised in collaboration with the UU programme Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). Teacher community TAUU also had something to celebrate, as it celebrated its 10th anniversary.

And so there were more highlights last year: the annual Onderwijsparade (Education Parade) in which over 250 participants took part. And from Future Learning Spaces, there was the open day which attracted some 100 interested people from the Netherlands and Belgium. The Learning Plaza was also inaugurated as the new Future Learning Space. And furthermore, in 2022 Educate-it was incorporated as an organisational unit into the organisation of the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning.

Want to know more about our activities last year? Take a look at the CAT Annual Report 2022.