Educational advice

Professioneel Consult

We support teachers, coordinators, and educational management in the realisation of improvements and solving problems. This support can take several different forms ranging from a single consultation to a multi-year advisory programme. We will provide customised advice befitting the specific situation of the client and using an evidence-based approach of educational questions.

    Our method

    Through the combination of a scientific foundation and years of experience in educational practice, we are able to quickly map situations and reach the core of issues. When investigating an educational issue, we approach the issue from different perspectives to come to the most suitable solution.

    Our consultants/trainers have a wide educational background. We are aware of the latest developments in educational research, and translate these insights to daily practice.


    The areas in which we continually develop and employ our expertise can be summarised in the following themes:

    • Didactics and differentiation
    • Curriculum development
    • Quality assurance
    • Testing and feedback
    • Professionalisation of teachers
    • Lifelong Learning
    • (Support with) learning to research
    • Internationalisation
    • Interdisciplinarity
    • Community Engaged Learning
    • IT in education (for instance blended learning or digital testing)
    • Development of the educational organisation
    • Support in issues relating to the transition from secondary to university
    • Science & Technology in education

    Educational advice for UU-lecturers

    • UU-lecturers with questions about their education can ask for a professional consultation with one of our educational advisors.
    • The Educational Resources Pool (Educatieve Middelen Pool, EMP) offers UU faculties the option of requesting educational advice and support for the improvement and innovation of their education.


    For more information please contact us at:
    T (030) 253 2261