Dr. Frank Jan van Dijk

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer H 210
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Frank Jan van Dijk

Director of Operations
Faculty Support Office
+31 30 253 9224

As director of the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences I am responsible for operations and management and for directing the faculty support offices (the administrative and support staff). As a member of the Faculty Board, I support the dean and vice-deans in the development and implementation of the faculty's strategic goals.

This includes the operations of the university teacher training programs in the Graduate School of Teaching for which the Faculty of Social & Behavourial Sciences acts as executive secretary.

I am/was a member of various university steering and working groups including, amongst others, the university's Investment committee for IT.

The Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences enlists approximately 6,000 students and employs some 1,000 colleagues, including 800 scientific staff and 200 supportive staff. The annual turnover amounts to approximately €80 million, including some €15 million externally funded research annually.

In 2019 I temporarily served as acting director 2019 of director of the Faculty of Humanities. Another experience, equally cherished, was being a member of the committee organising the celebrations of the 380th Anniversary of our University in 2016.