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PhD position

How to qualify for a PhD position?

PhD projects in Utrecht are aimed at producing high quality research. Therefore candidates need to meet high standards. It is important that candidates start their research with a solid background as far as the theories and meth­ods are concerned. PhD vacancies are opened up regularly, linked to broader research proposals and prospects. Please keep an eye on the vacancies at Utrecht University.

External PhD position

You can also apply for an external PhD position at the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG). For such a position you are required to send a formal request together with:

  • a short research proposal (three pages);
  • the first chapter of your intended dissertation;
  • your curriculum vitae;
  • your diploma’s;
  • other relevant information concerning your educational background.

Our professors will assess whether one of them could be your supervisor. Important criteria for making decisions are:

  • Is the research proposal linked to the USG research programme and the USG core themes?
  • Is there a USG supervisor (and co-supervisor) with sufficient expertise?
  • If so, can the supervisor devote enough time to ensure the quality of supervision?

Additional criteria are:

  • the quality of the research proposal
  • the quality of the candidate

Funded PhD position

You can also obtain a PhD position on the basis of a scholarship. USG does not offer scholarships but when the PhD track can be funded, and when a USG professor is willing to act as your supervisor (see the above mentioned criteria). The requested documents must also contain a detailed budget. Please fill in the web form to apply for a PhD position.


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