Over the last decades, the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research has developed a strong collaboration with Utrecht University, with the faculties of Geosciences and Science in particular. Since 2015 we have intensified our collaboration on research and teaching in the fields of water and climate, such as the unique interdisciplinary Master’s programme Marine Sciences and the various Biology bachelor courses in Marine Sciences.

NICO-expeditie. Foto: Ilja Kocken
Collecting samples from the ocean during the NICO expedition. Image: Ilja Kocken

How are coastal ecosystems coping with climate change and pollution? How do reef-forming animals, salt marshes and mangroves affect the delta landscapes worldwide? And what do environmental and climate reconstructions of the geological past tell us about the future? Aided by a substantial financial involvement of Utrecht University in NIOZ, the UU-NIOZ agreement creates strong cooperation from the delta to the deep ocean, addressing these big societally relevant questions about our blue planet.