Utrecht University and NIOZ join forces in thirteen research projects on (coastal) seas and oceans

Thirteen pairs of scientists from Utrecht University and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have been awarded grants to conduct joint research into the functioning of (coastal) seas and oceans. The project funding will enable them to carry out interdisciplinary research over the next 5 years into current scientific and societal issues that tie in with the strategic themes of both organisations. In addition to the Faculties of Science and Geosciences, also the Faculties of Law, Economics and Governance, and Veterinary Medicine of the UU are involved.

Thirteen projects were selected out of a total of 39 submitted proposals. The assessment committee was impressed by the high level and innovativeness of the proposals.

Combining complementary knowledge and research facilities and working together more intensively, increases the clout of these UU-NIOZ projects, which can be a first step on the road to broad, national programmes in which the entire knowledge chain works together.

The thirteen projects are part of the ten-year cooperation agreement between Utrecht University and NIOZ signed in 2015, in which, in addition to research, the strengthening of education in the field of water and climate also plays an important role.

A second, similar call will follow on 1 July 2021 for projects that are expected to start on 1 January 2022.

Curious what the thirteen research couples will research? Read their online project pages.