Our unique combination of natural and social sciences positions us as a global trailblazer in groundbreaking research and education on the Earth system and the transition towards a sustainable future.

We live in a rapidly changing world where global issues are complex, transcend generations and continents, and cannot be solved from a single perspective. The Faculty of Geosciences uniquely combines natural and social sciences within a single faculty.

We study the Earth, from its core to its surface, including how we use its space and resources. We explore ecological, economic, and social sustainability and their applications in policy, politics, and society, striving for a sustainable future for all.

The Faculty of Geosciences aims to become a global trailblazer in education and research on the Earth system and the transition towards a sustainable future, from local to global scales. We prioritize collaboration from diverse perspectives and with various stakeholders, alongside top-notch education and research. We prepare our students to contribute to solutions for the challenges of the 21st century, shaping them into the leaders and thinkers of the tomorrow.

Twee mensen in labjassen die zand op een opstelling leggen, met camera's boven hun hoofd.

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