Research posters

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Department Earth Sciences

Geological Expression on Flores Island in Indonesia: The Transition from Oceanic to Continental Plateau Subduction - Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono, Damien Bonté, Agung Harijoko, Fred Beekman, and Jan Diederik van Wees - September 2017 (pdf - 1.49 Mb)

3D lithospheric-scale temperature modeling: application for the Hungarian part of the Pannonian Basin - Eszter Békési, László Lenkey, Jon Limberger, Damien Bonté, Mark Vrijlandt, Ferenc Horváth, Sierd Cloetingh, and Jan-Diederik van Wees - September 2017 (pdf - 16.7 Mb)

Thermo-mechanical characterization of the european lithosphere for geothermal Exploration - Jon Limberger, J-D van Wees, M Tesauro, J Smit, D Bonté, E Békési, M Pluymaekers, M Struijk, M Vrijlandt, F Beekman, and S Cloetingh - September 2017 (pdf - 4.66 Mb)

Newton solver stabilization for Stokes solvers in geodynamic problems - Fraters M.R.T., Bangerth W., Thieulot C., Glerum A., Spakman W. - August 2017 (pdf - 18.2 Mb)

Lithosphere erosion and breakup due to the interaction between extension and plume upwelling - A. Lavecchia, C.Thieulot, F. Beekman, S. Cloething, S.R. Clark - August 2017 (pdf - 942 Kb)

The effect of oblique convergence on temperature in subduction zones: insights from 3D numerical modelling - Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot and Douwe van Hinsbergen - August 2017 (pdf - 5.57 Mb)

Impact of cable bacteria on biogeochemical cycling in sediments of a seasonally hypoxic marine basin - C.P. Slomp, F. Sulu-Gambari, D. Seitaj, F.J.R. Meysman et al. - August 2017 (pdf - 23.4 Mb)

The initiation of intra-oceanic subduction from the petrochronology of Tethyan metamorphic soles - M.K. Peters, D.J.J. van Hinsbergen, M.A. Smit, F. Corfu, H.L.M. van Roermund, F.M. Brouwer, M.R. Drury - August 2017 (pdf - 100 Mb)

Paleomagnetism in the Pannonian; Problems, Pitfalls and Progression - Nick Kelder, Karin Sant, Imre Magyar, Mark J. Dekkers, Wout Krijgsman - July 2017 (pdf - 10.1 Mb)

The evolution of the Levant geomagnetic high catured in Mediterranean sediments - A. Béguin, A. Filippidi, G. de Lange, L. de Groot - July 2017 (pdf - 8.43 Mb)

Toroidal mode sensitivity to mantle anisotropy and attenuation - S. Schneider, A. Deuss - May 2017 (pdf - 21.8 Mb)

Sensitivity to simple 3D attenuation variations in the mantle - Sujania Talavera-Soza, Arwen Deuss - May 2017 (pdf - 3.62 Mb)

Preliminary results constraining the kinematics of subduction and exhumation processes on Skopelos island, Northern Sporades (Aegean Domain) - Kristof Porkolab, Ernst Willingshofer, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Iverna Creton, Jean-Pierre Brun, Dimitrios Kostopoulos - April 2017 (pdf - 21.7 Mb)

The link between tectonics and sedimentation in the Pannonian basin: seismic analysis of structural and stratigraphic features and compaction effects - Attila Balázs, Liviu Matenco , Imre Magyar, Orsolya Sztanó, Ferenc Horváth, and Sierd Cloetingh - April 2017 (pdf - 12.4 Mb)

Newton solver stabilization for Stokes Solvers in geodynamic problems - Fraters M. R. T., Bangerth W., Thieulot C., Glerum A., Spakman W. - April 2017 (pdf - 6.60 Mb)

Imaging density in the Earth and the construction of optimal observables - Nienke Blom, Christian Boehm, Andreas Fichtner - April 2017 (pdf - 4.72 Mb)

Subduction initiation close to the continental margin? Implications from U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Pιnarbaşι metamorphic sole, central Turkey - Kalijn Peters, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Fernando Corfu, Derya Gurer, Fraukje M. Brouwer, Herman L.M. van Roermund - April 2017 (pdf - 94.4 Mb)

EPOS-WP16: A Coherent and Collaborative Network of Solid Earth Multi-scale Laboratories - Elisa Calignano, M. Rosenau, O. Lange, C. Spiers, E. Willingshofer, M. Drury, M. van Kan-Parker, K. Elger, D. Ulbricht, F. Funiciello, D. Trippanera, L. Sagnotti, P. Scarlato, T. Tesei, A. Winkler & WP16 participants - April 2017 (pdf - 148 Mb)

Ocean deoxygenation and its impact on marine organic carbon burial - Itzel Ruvalcaba Baroni, Virginia Palastanga, Christopher Heinze and Carolin P. Slomp - April 2017 (pdf - 1.51 Mb)

Bioturbation modelling - Consequences of size dependent mixing - M.J. Kuderer, J.J. Middelburg - April 2017 (pdf - 453 Kb)

Monitoring the Groningen gas reservoir by noise interferometry - Wen Zhou & Hanneke Paulssen - February 2017 (pdf - 4.98 Mb)

Changing Seas in Central Europe: a PhD project focused on geochronology and paleogeography - Karin Sant, Wout Krijgsman, Oleg Mandic, Klaudia Kuiper, Nevena Andric, and many others - February 2017 (pdf - 5.51 Mb)

Oblique trenches and temperature in subduction zones - Luuk Schuurmans, Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot, Wim Spakman and Douwe van Hinsbergen - December 2016 (pdf - 3.21 Mb)

A long-lived extensional backarc in Central Anatolia? - Derya Gürer, Alexis Plunder, Frederik Kirst, Fernando Corfu, Stefan M. Schmid, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen - December 2016 (pdf - 231 Mb)

Significant ice sheets during the cold mid-Paleocene? - Peter K. Bijl, Margot J. Cramwinckel, Appy Sluijs, Henk Brinkhuis, Francien Peterse, Stefan Schouten - December 2016 (pdf - 2.41 Mb)

Subduction initiation in the Neotethys: from field evidences to numerical modelling - Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot and Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen - November 2016 (pdf - 4.21 Mb)

Three-dimensional instantaneous dynamics modeling of present-day Aegean subduction - Anne Glerum, Wim Spakman, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Casper Pranger, Cedric Thieulot, Menno Fraters - October 2016 (pdf - 5.30 Mb)

Biogeochemical processes and buffering capacity concurrently affect acidification in a seasonally hypoxic coastal marine basin - M. Hagens, C. P. Slomp, F. J. R. Meysman, D. Seitaj, J. Harlay, A. V. Borges, J. J. Middelburg - October 2016 (pdf - 11.3 Mb)

Late Palaeozoic to Mesozoic gold-bearing ore deposits from Cornwall to Jiaodong - a plate-tectonic perspective for plutono-metasomatic systems - Hugo de Boorder - September 2016 (pdf - 5.36 Mb)

Managing biostratigraphic data with - A platform for training and knowledge exchange in biogeosciences - Peter K. Bijl - August 2016 (pdf - 10.4 Mb)

Sapropels S1, S3, S4 and S5 in the Ionian Sea: a study based on dinoflagellate cysts - Michelle de Groot, Karin Zwiep, Timme Donders, Alessandra Negri, Caterina Morigi, Joerg Keller, Francesca Sangiorgi - August 2016 (pdf - 31.4 Mb)

Diatoms as a potential paleoproxy Reconstructing sea-surface conditions using the Nano-SIMS - S.P. Akse, A. Roepert, M.V.M. Kienhuis, L. Polerecky, J.J. Middelburg - July 2016 (pdf - 703 Kb)

The effect of truncating the normal mode coupling equations on synthetic spectra - Fatemeh Akbarashrafi, Andrew Valentine, David Al-Attar, Jeannot Trampert - April 2016 (pdf - 1.38 Mb)

Updating the thermo-mechanical structure of the european lithosphere with subsurface temperature data - Jon Limberger, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Magdala Tesauro, Damien Bonté, Lindsay Lipsey, Jeroen Smit, Fred Beekman and Sierd Cloetingh - April 2016 (pdf - 10.1 Mb)

Choosing an adequate FEM grid for global mantle convection modelling - C. Thieulot - April 2016 (pdf - 3.10 Mb)

Subduction obliquity as a prime indicator for the geotherm in subduction zones - Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot and Douwe van Hinsbergen - April 2016 (pdf - 2.53 Mb)

Metamorphic sole formation, emplacement and blueschist overprint: early obduction dynamics witnessed by W. Turkey ophiolites - A. Plunder, P. Agard, C. Chopin, M. Soret, A.I. Okay and H. Whitechurch - April 2016 (pdf - 28.8 Mb)

Eurasia’s Deformation as a Consequence of Plate-Scale Forces: a Model Study - Candela G. Sancho, Rob Govers and Magdala Tessauro - April 2016 (pdf - 7.50 Mb)

Late Burdigalian sea retreat from the North Alpine Foreland Basin: new magnetostratigraphic age constraints - Sant, K., Kirscher, U., Reichenbacher, B., Pippèrr, M., Jung, D., Doppler, G., Krijgsman, W. - April 2016 (pdf - 43.3 Mb)

The spreading ridge systems of the Tethys Ocean during the Jurassic and Cretaceous: constraints on the mechanisms of subduction initiation - Marco Maffione, Douwe van Hinsbergen - April 2016 (pdf - 6.08 Mb)

EPOS-WP16: A Platform for Multi-scale Laboratories - C. Spiers, M. Drury, M. van Kan-Parker, O. Lange, E. Willingshofer, F. Funiciello, M. Rosenau, P. Scarlato, L. Sagnotti & WP16 participants - April 2016 (pdf - 1.74 Mb)

Oceanographic changes in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic cryosphere dynamics during the mid-Miocene: a view from offshore Wilkes Land - Francesca Sangiorgi, Peter Bijl, Julian Hartman, Stefan Schouten, Henk Brinkhuis and the IODP Exp. 318 Scientists - April 2016 (pdf - 4.52 Mb)

Future Deltas: Can paleoenvironmental reconstructions help set targets for nutrient management and legislation in deltas under anthropogenic pressure? - Keechy Akkerman, Timme H. Donders, Elisabeth A. Addink, Lex F. Bouwman, Arthur H.W. Beusen, Jack B.M. Middelburg, Andrea M. Keessen, Francesca Sangiorgi - April 2016 (pdf - 15.2 Mb)

Mantle flow influence on the evolution of subduction systems - M.V. Chertova, W. Spakman, B.Steinberger - April 2016 (pdf - 13.0 Mb)

The effect of giant impactors on the magnetic field energy of an early Martian dynamo - McGregor Drummond, Julien Monteux, Cedric Thieulot, Hagay Amit, Lennart de Groot - April 2016 (pdf - 5.64 Mb)

Geodynamics modelling at the Universiteit Utrecht - Cedric Thieulot - April 2016 (pdf - 7.68 Mb)

State of the art numerical subduction modelling with ASPECT - C.A.H. Blom, C.A.P. Thieulot, A.C. Glerum, M.R.T. Fraters, W. Spakman - April 2016 (pdf - 2.11 Mb)

Subduction obliquityas a prime indicator for geotherm in subduction zone - Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot and Douwe van Hinsbergen - April 2016 (pdf - 2.59 Mb)

Numerical modelling of salt diapirism during thin-skinned extension - C. THieulot & G.L. Harms - April 2016 (pdf - 659 Kb)

The influence of elasticity in the lithosphere on subduction evolution, a numerical study - Loes Cornelis, Cedric Thieulot - April 2016 (pdf - 497 Kb)

Slip velocity has major impact on the frictional strength and microstructure of quartz-muscovite gouges under hydrothermal conditions - André Niemeijer - April 2016 (pdf - 25.2 Mb)

Extensional exhumation of the Afyon high-pressure metamorphic belt along the regional Ivriz detachment, southern central Anatolia - Derya Gürer, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen - April 2016 (pdf - 182.8 Mb) & (Low res pdf - 24.0 Mb)

Link between upper and lower plate deformation in the Tyrrhenian domain - Alfonsa Milia, Pietro Iannace, Magdala Tesauro, Maurizio M. Torrente - March 2016 (pdf - 25.1 Mb)

Synthetic inversions for density in the Earth’s interior from seismic and geodetic data - Nienke Blom, Christian Böhm, Andreas Fichtner - December 2015(pdf - 2.00 Mb)

Inner core structure behind the PKP core phase triplication - Nienke Blom, Hanneke Paulssen, Arwen Deuss, Lauren Waszek - December 2015 (pdf - 2.76 Mb)

Dynamic coupling of bulk chemistry, trace elements and mantle flow - Huw Davies, Hein van Heck, Andy Nowacki, James Wookey, Tim Ellio, Don Porcelli - December 2015 (pdf - 6.62 Mb)

Probing seismically melting induced mantle heterogeneities in thermal-chemical convection models - Hein van Heck, Huw Davies, Andy Nowacki, James Wookey - December 2015 (pdf - 9.23 Mb)

Subduction dynamics of Central and Eastern Anatolia since the Late Cretacous reconstructed from sedimentary basins in the Neotethyan suture zone - Derya Gürer, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Liviu Matenco, Fernando Corfu, Murat Özkaptan, Cor Langereis - December 2015(pdf - 80.3 Mb)

Role of marine gateways in the paleoceanography of the Miocene Mediterranean Sea; A model study - A. de la Vara and P. Meijer - December 2015 (pdf - 21.1 Mb)

Active Tectonics in the Tibetan Plateau Region as a Consequence of Plate-Scale Forces on the Eurasian Plate: a Model Study - Candela Garcia-Sancho, Rob Govers, Magdala Tesauro - December 2015 (pdf - 7.88 Mb)

The imprint of crustal density heterogeneities on seismic wave propagation - Agnieszka Płonka, Andreas Fichtner - December 2015 (pdf - 884 Kb)

Dynamics of intra-oceanic subduction initiation: supra-subduction zone ophiolite formation and metamorphic sole exhumation in context of absolute plate motions - Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen, Kalijn Peters, Marco Maffione, Wim Spakman, Carl Guilmette, Cedric Thieulot, Oliver Plümper, Derya Gürer, Fraukje M. Brouwer, Ercan Aldanmaz, and Nuretdin Kaymakcı - December 2015 (pdf - 1.36 Mb)

Subduction initiation at oceanic detachment faults and the origin of forearc ophiolites - Marco Maffione, Cedric Thieulot, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Antony Morris, Oliver Plümper and Wim Spakman - December 2015 (pdf - 23.9 Mb)

The effect of topography of upper mantle discontinuities on SS precursors - Maria Koroni & Jeannot Trampert - December 2015 (pdf - 48.6 Mb)

Earth's hot lowermost mantle revealed by Stoneley mode splitting observations - Arwen Deuss, Paula Koelemeijer, Jeroen Ritsema - December 2015 (pdf - 2.30 Mb)

Tectono-metamorphic processes beneath an obducted ophiolite: evidence from metamorphic soles and accreted units from western Turkey - A. Plunder, P. Agard, C. Chopin, H. Whitechurch and A.I. Okay - October 2015 (pdf - 35.4 Mb)

Subduction dynamics of Central and Eastern Anatolia since the Late Cretaceous reconstructed from sedimentary basins in the Neotethyan suture zone - Derya Gürer, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Liviu Matenco, Fernando Corfu, Murat Özkaptan, Cor Langereis - October 2015 (pdf - 10.5 Mb)

Miocene to recent kinematics and exhumation of the Mur-Mürz strike-slip fault (Eastern Alps) illustrating direct interplay with surrounding lithospheric scale processes - Inge E. van Gelder, Ernst Willingshofer, Paul A.M. Andriessen - September 2015 (pdf - 16.9 Mb)

Ophiolite obduction in the Precambrian - Katharina Vogt, Kent C. Condie, Jonas Ruh & Taras Gerya - May 2015 (pdf - 939 Kb)

Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Air Temperature Variability based on Branched GDGTs in the Sedimentary Record of Llangorse Lake (Wales) - David J. Maas , Wim Z. Hoek, Francien Peterse, Keechy Akkerman, John J. Lowe, Alison MacLeod, Ian Matthews, Adrian Palmer, Jaap S. Sinninghe-Damsté and Mike J.C. Walker - April 2015 (pdf - 83.3 Mb)

Multiscale Laboratory Infrastructure and Services to Users: Plans within EPOS - C. Spiers, E. Willingshofer, M. Drury, F. Funiciello, M. Rosenau, P. Scarlato, L. Sagnotti, C. Cimarelli & WP16 participants - April 2015 (pdf - 5.38 Mb)

Methods for join inversion of waveform and gravity information for 3D density structure - Nienke Blom, Christian Bohm, Andreas Fichtner - April 2015 (pdf - 8.34 Mb)

THERMO-MECHANICAL MODELS OF THE EUROPEAN LITHOSPHERE FOR GEOTHERMAL EXPLORATION - Jon Limberger, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Magdala Tesauro, Damien Bonté, Lindsay Lipsey, Fred Beekman, and Sierd Cloetingh - April 2015 (pdf - 9.72 Mb)

The SCOPSCO Project reveals > 1.3 Ma environmental and evolutionary history of ancient Lake Ohrid: The story of the diatom genus Cyclotella - Cvetkoska, Aleksandra, Jovanovska, Elena, Versluis, M. David, Tofilovska, Slavica, Levkov, Zlatko, Wagner-Cremer, Friederike, Wilke, Thomas, Reed, M. Jane, Wagner, Bernd and the SCOPSCO science teams - March 2015 (pdf - 264.0 Mb)

Image analysis of EBSD maps taken from ice core samples - Kuiper, E.N.; Weikusat, I.; Drury, M.R.; Pennock, G.M.; de Winter, D.A.M. - February 2015 (pdf - 4.94 Mb)

Metamorhic petrology as a tool to understand subduction initiation - M. Kalijn Peters, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Herman L.M. van Roermund, Fraukje M. Brouwer, Martyn R. Drury - February 2015 (pdf - 33.3 Mb)

Alps-Adria interactions and their implications for the evolution of the Alpine lithosphere - Inge E. van Gelder - February 2015 (pdf - 3.47 Mb)

The effect of deformation mechanisms for ice sheet dynamics - Ernst-Jan Kuiper - February 2015 (pdf - 6.96 Mb)

Interference of Different Subduction/Collisional Systems in Mediterranean orogens - Liviu Matenco, Katharina Vogt and Ernst Willingshofer - December 2014 (pdf - 90.1Mb)

Forearc hyperextension by detachment faulting and ophiolite dismemberment: examples from the Yarlung-Zangbo suture zone (Southern Tibet) - Marco Maffione, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Louise M. T. Koornneef, Carl Guilmette, Nathaniel Borneman, Kip Hodges, Wentao Huang, Ding Lin, Paul Kapp - December 2014 (pdf - 69.6Mb)

Mechanisms of single-vergent vs. double-vergent orogens - Katharina Vogt, Liviu Matenco, Taras Gerya & Sierd Cloetingh - December 2014 (pdf - 4.57Mb)

Formation of retro-wedges during collision: insights from analogue and numerical modeling - Ernst Willingshofer, Katharina Vogt, Dimitrios Sokoutis & Liviu Matenco - December 2014 (pdf - 57.9Mb)

Late Neogene Oroclinal Bending in the Western Taurides: Record of Young, Eastward Subduction in Southern Turkey? - Ayten Koç, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Nuretdin Kaymakci, Cor G. Langereis - December 2014 (pdf - 440.0Mb)

The 75km Kirkkavak fault propagation fold which led to megaslumping in the Miocene Kopruçay basin - Peter McPhee, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Nuretdin Kaymakci - December 2014 (pdf - 13.0Mb)

Thermal perturbation, mineralogical assemblages and rheology variations induced by dyke emplacement in the crust - A. Lavecchia, S.R. Clark, F. Beekman, S. Cloetingh - September 2014 (pdf - 2.18Mb)

On the evolution of Subduction-Transform Edge Propagators (STEPs): consequences for the Calabrian arc - N. Nijholt, R. Govers - September 2014 (pdf - 2.62Mb)

Strain localization during compression of a laterally heterogeneous lithosphere - E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer, Frédéric Gueydan & Sierd Cloetingh - September 2014 (pdf - 34.7Mb)

Thermo-mechanical subduction modeling with ASPECT - Menno Fraters, Anne Glerum, Cedric Thieulot, Wim Spakman - September 2014 (pdf - 19.5Mb)

A 2D/3D numerical modelling benchmark of slab detachment - Cedric Thieulot, S. Brune, S. Buiter, R. Davies, T. Duretz, A. Glerum, B. Hillebrand, S. Kramer, J. Quinteros, S. Schmalholz, W. Spakman, T. Torsvik, D. van Hinsbergen, C.R. Wilson - September 2014 (pdf - 1.46Mb)

The role of weak seeds in numerical modelling of continental extensional systems - Iris van Zelst, Cedric Thieulot, Susanne J. H. Buiter, John Naliboff, Wim Spakman - September 2014 (pdf - 7.12Mb)

Present-day intra-plate deformation of the Eurasian plate - C. Garcia-Sancho, R. Govers, K. Warners-Ruckstuhl and M. Tessauro - September 2014 (pdf - 2.08Mb)

3-D computational modelling of the transpressional system of the South Island of New Zealand - Lev Karatun, Cedric Thieulot, Russell Pysklywec - September 2014 (pdf - 55.8Mb)

Identification of deformation mechanisms in ice core samples - E.N. Kuiper, I. Weikusat, M.R. Drury, G.M. Pennock, D.A.M. De Winter -September 2014 (pdf - 2.23Mb)

From orogenic buildup to extensional unroong: the evolution of the Adria - Europe collisional zone in the Medvenica Mountains of Croatia - A. Beniest, I.E. van Gelder, L. Matenco, E. Willingshofer, A. Gruic, B. Tomljenovic - August 2014 (pdf - 468Mb)

Late Cretaceous to recent tectonic evolution of the Ulukisla Basin (Southern Central Anatolia) - Derya Gürer, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Cor Langereis, Fernando Corfu, Nuretdin Kaymakci, Liviu Matenco - April 2014 (pdf - 111.3Mb)

Formation of retro-wedges during collision - Ernst Willingshofer & Dimitrios Sokoutis - April 2014 (pdf - 66.9Mb)

Full waveform inversion schemes for 3D density structures - Nienke Blom, Andreas Fichtner - April 2014 (pdf - 1.87Mb)

Petrology and structure of the metamorphic sole of the Pinarbasi ophiolite, central Turkey: preliminary results - M. Kalijn Peters, Herman L.M. van Roermund, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Fraukje M. Brouwer, Martyn R. Drury - April 2014 (pdf - 334Mb)

The effects of ductile anomalies on crustal strike-slip systems - Vlieg, M., Sokoutis, D. and Willingshofer, E. - April 2014 (pdf - 358Mb)

Miocene extensional unroong of the Medvednica Mountains in Croatia: tectonic implications for the Alpine-Dinaridic junction - Inge E. van Gelder, Liviu Matenco, Bruno Tomljenovic, Anouk Beniest, Paul A.M. Andriessen, Ernst Willingshofer - April 2014 (pdf - 29.7Mb)

The link between upper plate deformation and variations in plate geometry and or rheology. - J.M. van den Broek, M. Weekenstroo, D. Sokoutis and E. WIllingshofer - April 2014 (pdf - 69.0Mb)

Asymmetric extension and subsequent unroong of the Pohorje pluton at the western margin of the Pannonian basin, NE Slovenia. - Tycho Z. de Bie, Inge E. van Gelder & Ernst Willingshofer - April 2014 (pdf - 96.0Mb)

Mars-type mineral assemblages in terrestrial volcanic lake settings - Alejandro Rodriguez, Paul B.H. Oonk, Johan C. Varekamp, Manfred J. van Bergen - April 2014 (pdf - 1.91Mb)

Petrology and structure of the metamorphic sole of the Pιnarbaşι ophiolite, central Turkey: preliminary results - M. Kalijn Peters, Herman L.M. van Roermund, Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, Fraukje M. Brouwer, Martyn R. Drury - April 2014 (pdf - 234Mb)

Present-day intra-plate deformation of the Eurasian plate - C. Garcia-Sancho, R. Govers, K. Warners-Ruckstuhl and M. Tessauro - March 2014 (pdf - 634Kb)

Late Cretaceous to recent tectonic evolution of the Ulukisla Basin (Southern Central Anatolia) - Derya Gürer, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Liviu Matenco, Nuretdin Kaymakci, Fernando Corfu - March 2014 (pdf - 195Mb)

Nitrogen dynamics during the Cenomanian-Turonian oceanic Anoxic Event 2: A model study for the proto-North Atlantic - I. Ruvalcaba Baroni, I. Tsandev, and C. P. Slomp - December 2013 (pdf - 1.74Mb)

The role of elastic compressibility in dynamic subduction models - Walter Austmann, Rob Govers, Evgenii Burov - December 2013 (pdf - 2.85Mb)

Magnetic properties of variably serpentinized peridotites and their implication for remanence acquisition during the evolution of oceanic core complexes - Marco Maffione, Antony Morris, Oliver Plümper, Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen - November 2013 (pdf - 19.6Mb)

Mitigation of CO2 emissions by stimulated natural rock weathering – fast weathering of olivine in high-energy shallow seas - Olaf Schuiling & Poppe L. de Boer - November 2013 (pdf - 1.67Mb)

Lateral strength variation in the lithosphere: a key parameter for the localization of intra-plate deformation - E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, J.P. Brun, E. Willingshofer & J.P. Burg - November 2013 (pdf - 56.1Mb)

The influence of the rotation of Adria and extension in the Pannonian Basin on lateral extrusion in the Alps: insights from crustal-scale analogue models - Inge E. van Gelder, Ernst Willingshofer, Dimitrios Sokoutis - September 2013 (pdf - 14.5Mb)

Late palaeozoic large igneous provinces, orogeny and metals - precious and base metals from the sub-continental mantle - Hugo de Boorder - May 2013 (pdf - 6.31Mb)

Was the North Atlantic Ocean well-ventilated during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in the mid-Cretaceous? - I. Ruvalcaba-Baroni, N. A. G. M. Van Helmond, R. P. M. Topper, H. Brinkhuis, and C. P. Slomp - April 2013 (pdf - 522Kb)

Centennial to decadal climate variability in the Adriatic Sea during Sapropel S1 - Marie-Louise S. Goudeau, Gert-Jan Reichart, Tom Jilbert, Shauna Ní Fhlaithearta, and Gert J. De Lange - April 2013 (pdf - 57.6Mb)

Oxidation of dissolved trichloroethylene, ethanol, and toluene by potassium permanganate: A kinetic study - Mojtaba Ghareh Mahmoodlu, S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Niels Hartog - April 2013 (pdf - 326Kb)

Obliquity signals at low latitudes - Joyce Bosmans, Lucas Lourens, Frits Hilgen- April 2013 (pdf - 2.30Mb)

Model study of the Miocene Mediterranean Sea and Paratethys: closure of the Indian Gateway - A. de la Vara, P.Th. Meijer and M.J.R. Wortel - April 2013 (pdf - 7.53Mb)

Precession and obliquity forcing of the North-African summer monsoon. A sensitivity study with the high resolution GCM EC-Earth - Joyce Bosmans, Sybren Drijfhout, Erik Tuenter, Lucas Lourens , Frits Hilgen - April 2013 (pdf - 6.35Mb)

The role of lateral strength variation in the lithosphere in intra-plate compressional deformation: an experimental approach - E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer, C. Thieulot & J.P. Burg- April 2013 (pdf - 14.7Mb)

Influence of the mechanical coupling and inherited strength variations on the geometry of continental rifts - Melody Philippon, Pim van Delft, Matthijs van Winden, Dejan Zamurovic, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Ernst Willingshofer and Sierd Cloethingh - April 2013 (pdf - 85.9Mb)

Influence of heterogeneities within the lithosphere on the deformation pattern of continental rift systems - Melody Philippon, CédricThieulot, Jolante van Wijk, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Enrst Willingshofer and Sierd Cloetingh - April 2013 (pdf - 48.5Mb)

The influence of biogeochemical processes on the pH dynamics in the seasonally hypoxic saline Lake Grevelingen, The Netherlands - Mathilde Hagens, Caroline P. Slomp, Filip J. R. Meysman, Alberto V. Borges, Jack J. Middelburg - April 2013 (pdf - 3.44Mb)

Transient two-phase flow studies in a PDMS micro-model - N.K. Karadimitriou, S.M. Hassanizadeh and P. J. Kleingeld - March 2013 (pdf - 3.07Mb)

The potential of solid potassium permanganate as a horizontal permeable reactive barrier in unsaturated zone - Mojtaba Ghareh Mahmoodlu, S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Niels Hartog, Amir Raoof- March 2013 (pdf - 319Kb)

Numerical investigation of electrokinetic effects on pore scale transport and dispersion through porous media - Shuai Li, Ruud Schotting, Amir Raoof - March 2013 (pdf - 818Kb)

Expeditie broeikaswereld - March 2013 (pdf - 720Kb)

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Department Physical Geography

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Reconstruction of Mayan induced soil erosion during the Pre-Classic and
Classic period from world’s largest beach ridge plain - Kees Nooren, Wim Z. Hoek, Hans van der Plicht, Remke L. Van Dam, Maarten Prins, Tim Winkels and Hans Middelkoop - January 2014 (pdf - 5.73MB)

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experiments - Wout M. van Dijk, Wietse I. van de Lageweg and Maarten G. Kleinhans - July 2013 (pdf - 2.97MB)

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Rhine-Meuse Delta Studies' 2012 Digital Reconstruction GIS and Database
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Up-scaling subsoil parameters by propagation of the complete PDFs -
Aris Lourens, Frans C. van Geer - September 2012 (pdf -519Kb)

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A supply-based concentration rating curve to predict total phosphorus concentrations in the Rhine River - Marcel van der Perk & Marjolein F.A. Vogels - April 2012 - April 2012 (pdf - 5.15Mb)

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Improving age-depth models using sediment accumulation rates - Wim Hoek, Philip Minderhoud & Kim Cohen - March 2012 (pdf - 754Kb)

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Relict Pingos and Permafrost. A comparison between active landforms in the Canadian Arctic and relict permafrost features in the Netherlands and adjacent Germany - Astrid S. Ruiter, Renée de Bruijn and Wim Z. Hoek - March 2012 (pdf - 73.7Mb)

Infill of Late Weichselian pingo remnants reveals rapid climate change - Renée de Bruijn, Astrid S. Ruiter, Wim Z. Hoek - March 2011 (pdf - 228Kb)

Environmental conditions round a Lateglacial lake facilitated Late Palaeolithic activity in the coversand area near Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Anneleen H. Geurts and Wim Z. Hoek  - March 2012 (pdf - 4.48Mb)

Using remotely sensed soil moisture products to calibrate a large-scale groundwater model - Edwin H. Sutanudjaja - February 2012 (pdf - 11.1Mb)

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Representation of subgrid-scale variability in large-scale hydrological models using hydromorphological units - Ekkamol Vannametee, Derek Karssenberg, Martin R. Hendriks, Marc F.P. Bierkens - November 2011 (pdf - 907Kb)

Irrigation from the cryosphere - a global analysis of the contribution of melt water to irrigation water supply - Dominik Wisser, Rens van Beek, Walter Immerzeel, Yoshihide Wada, Steve Frolking, Marc Bierkens - November 2011 (pdf - 375Kb)

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Self-formed levees and floodplains in an annular flume - R.Teske, M.G.Kleinhans and C.Roosendaal - November 2011 (pdf - 997Kb)

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Turning the tide: creation of tidal inlet systems and estuaries in experimental scale models - Renske Terwisscha van Scheltinga, M.G. Kleinhans and M. van der Vegt - October 2011 (pdf - 928Kb)

Mussel bed shape relates to wave forcing - Jasper Donker, Maarten van der Vegt and Piet Hoekstra - October 2011 (pdf - 102Mb)

Evaluation of SMOS soil moisture level 2A products with modelled near-surface soil moisture patterns over Spain - N.Wanders, D. Karssenberg, S.M de Jong & M.F.P. Bierkens - September 2011 (pdf - 591Kb)

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Continuous lake sediments covering the Allerød - Younger Dryas Transition in The Netherlands indicate no increase in Iridium values - Wim Z. Hoek, Cornelis Kasse, Sjoerd J. P. Bohncke, Annelies van Hoesel & Jan Smit  - July 2011 (pdf - 190Kb)

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Advances and prospects in deltaic palaeoflood hydrology - W.H.J.Toonen - July 2011 (pdf - 986Kb)

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Regional chronostratigraphical correlation table for the last 270,000 years Europe north of the Mediterranean - Cohen and  Gibbard - July 2011 (pdf - 2.11Mb)

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Non-linear environmental response to the agro-pastoral transition in north-western Europe - G. Erkens - July 2011 (pdf - 1.64Mb)

The impact of human activity on the flux of bed load and suspended load is different - G. Erkens - July 2011 (pdf - 481Kb)

Five millennia of land use variability reconstructed from the world’s largest beach ridge plain - C.A.M. Nooren, W.Z. Hoek and H. Middelkoop - July 2011 (pdf - 16.3Mb)

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Modelling Global Fresh Surface Water Temperature - Ludovicus P.H, (Rens) Van Beek, Tessa Eikelboom, Michelle T.H. Van Vliet, and Marc F.P. Bierkens - March 2011 (pdf - 544Kb)

Early-warning signals in ecogeomorphology: the example of a hillslope system - Derek Karssenberg - March 2011 (pdf - 1.13Mb)

Early-warning signals potentially reduce uncertainty in forecasted timing of critical shifts in vegetation systems - Derek Karssenberg & Marc Bierkens - March 2011 (pdf - 1.82Mb)

Constructing integrated models: a scheduler to execute coupled components - Oliver Schmitz, Derek Karssenberg, Kor de Jong, and Jean-Luc de Kok - March 2011 (pdf - 4.58Mb)

Transfer of sediment-associated metals downstream of abandoned and active mining sites in the Quesnel River catchment, British Columbia  - Marcel van der Perk, Marloes L.H.M. Van Lipzig, Gosro Karimlou, Philip N. Owens & Ellen L. Petticrew - March 2011 (pdf - 9.84Mb)

Variability of hyporheic exchange in an experimental gravel bed  - Marcel van der Perk, Ellen L. Petticrew & Philip N. Owens - March 2011 (pdf - 9.54Mb)

Metal inventory of the floodplain of the mining-impacted Geul River, The Netherlands - Marcel van der Perk, Veronica Aarribas Arcos, Laura Miguel Ayala, Hans Middelkoop & Bjorn Scheepers - March 2011 (pdf - 29.5Mb)

Turbulence under breaking waves - Aline Pieterse, Gerben Ruessink - March 2011 (pdf - 1.16Mb)

Infragravity wave behavoiur on a low sloping beach - Anouk de Bakker, Gerben Ruessink - March 2011 (pdf - 1.36Mb)

Coupled sandbare patterns: breaker lines and depth variations - Timothy Price, Gerben Ruessink - March 2011 (pdf - 1.15Mb)

Vertical structure of the turbulence dissipation rate in the surf zone - Florent Grasso, Gerben Ruessink - March 2011 (pdf - 1.37Mb)

Wave dissipation over a mussel bed - J. Rutten, J. Donker, M. van der Vegt, P. Hoekstra - March 2011 (pdf - 115Mb)

Interpretation of Martian Delta Morphology and Processes - G. de Villiers, G. Postma and M.G. Kleinhans - March 2011 (pdf - 420Kb)

The Rhine Delta – A record of fluvial sediment trapping over various time scales - Hans Middelkoop, Gilles Erkens, Marcel van der Perk - January 2011 (pdf - 6.73Mb)

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Delta morphology on Mars - G. de Villiers, M.G. Kleinhans, E. Hauber, G. Postma - December 2010 (pdf - 1.10Mb)

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Avulsion in action: sedimentation pace and upstream flood water levels following a Medieval tidal-river diversion and storm surge catastrophe - Kim Cohen, Maarten G. Kleinhans, Henk Weerts - December 2010 (pdf - 1.56Mb)

Stability of river bifurcations from bedload to suspended load dominated conditions - Tjalling de Haas and Maarten G. Kleinhans - December 2010 (pdf - 884Kb)

Reduced gravity causes larger-volume and lower-angle granular avalanches with less stratification - Sebastiaan J. de Vet, Maarten G. Kleinhans, H. Markies, A.C. in 't Veld, F.N. Postema, J.J.W.A. van Loon - December 2010 (pdf - 665Kb)

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Anastomosing rivers are disequilibrium patterns - Eva Lavooi, T. de Haas, M.G. Kleinhans, B. Makaske, D.G. Smith - December 2010 (pdf - 970Kb)

Self-formed Meandering and Braiding Channel Patterns in a Numerical Model - Filip Schuurman and  Maarten Kleinhans - December 2010 (pdf - 1.71Mb)

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Department Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences

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Determining the atmospheric moisture budget to analyse droughts processes and predictability - Obbe Tuinenburg , Stefan Dekker - August 2015 (pdf - 9.37Mb)

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Future land use in Brazil under increasing demand for bioenergy - Judith Anne Verstegen - January 2014 (pdf - 1.37Mb)

Make no little plans. How incumbents engage in system-buiding as opposed to pioneers - Magda Smink - November 2013 (pdf - 3.06Mb)

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Systemic change increases forecast uncertainty of land use change models - Judith Anne Verstegen, Derek Karssenberg, Floor van der Hilst, André P.C. Faaij - November 2013 (pdf - 1.59Mb)

The role of incumbent car manufacturers in the interacting TISs of low and zero emission vehicles - Joeri Wesseling, Jacco Farla, Marko Hekkert - November 2013 (pdf - 679Kb)

Sustainability assessment of POSS/PA6 nanosausage casing versus cellulose casing - Lex Roes- October 2013 (pdf - 338Kb)

Life cycle assessment of Graphene transparent electrodes - Berthe van Haaster and Lex Roes - October 2013 (pdf - 244Kb)

(Mis)matching institutional logics: when farmer Johnson meets the network operator. The Dutch case of biomethane injection into the grid - Magda Smink - June 2013 (pdf - 283Kb)

The bridge between sustainability vision and actions; preliminary case study results- Sjors Witjes - June 2013 (pdf - 92Kb)

Stomatal optimization under rising CO2 Ecohydrological Consequences Conclusions - Stefan C. Dekker and Hugo J. de Boer - May 2013 (pdf - 1.44Mb)

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Department Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning

Members of sport clubs: neighborhood effects - Nynke Burgers - June 2017 (pdf - 792 Kb)

Spatiotemporal Regressions to Explore Suicide Mortality in Germany - Marco Helbich, Paul Plener, Sebastian Hartung, Victor Blüml - June 2017 (pdf - 1.82 Mb)

Why do young people drop out of sports? Time-use and environmental determinants of dropout of soccer and tennis - Ineke Deelen, Carlijn Kamphuis, Dick Ettema - May 2017 (pdf - 783 Kb)

How do green spaces facilitate physical activity? - Marijke Jansen - May 2017 (pdf - 670 Kb)

GLOBAL GEO HEALTH DATA CENTER - April 2017 (pdf - 1.86 Mb)

Rainbow after the storm The tourism sector development and resilience toward the disasters - Erda Rindrasih, Patrick Witte, Thomas Hartmann, Tejo Spit, Annelies Zoomers - October 2016 (pdf - 947 Kb)

Doing Business for the greater good? Building adaptive capacity and climate resilience in Cambodia's agricultural sector - Michelle McLinden Nuijen - October 2016 (pdf - 1.19 Mb)

Tracing the causal loops through local perceptions of rural road impacts in Ethiopia - Crelis Rammelt - October 2016 (pdf - 2.99 Mb)

Oil palm expansion in Indonesia: serving people, planet and profit? - Ari Susanti, Annelies Zoomers and Paul Burgers - October 2016 (pdf - 1.66 Mb)

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Children’s active school commuting and environmental exposures: A GPS-based study in the Netherlands - Marco Helbich, Maarten Zeylmans van Emmichoven, Martin Dijst, Mei-Po Kwan, Frank Pierik, Sanne de Vries - October 2015 (pdf - 2.80 Mb)

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the dedicated approach versus the mainstreaming approach - C. Uittenbroek, L. Janssen-Jansen, T. Spit, W. Salet, H. Runhaar - October 2013 (pdf - 370 Kb)

Agglomeration literature & Cluster policy - Martijn J. Smit - October 2013 (pdf - 392Kb)

Sport en Bewegen in de Openbare Ruimte - Dick Ettema - June 2013 (pdf - 3.36Mb)

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Coping with corridors: the case of code-24 - P.A. Witte - March 2012 (png - 8.01Mb)

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The costs and benefits of land development - E. Buitelaar, P. Witte & T. Spit - 2011 (pdf - 1.5Mb)

Assessing the realtive Amenity value of accessibility and neighbourhood quality in Nanjing, China - Hong HU - April 2011 (pdf - 11.7Mb)

The road to happiness? Measuring satisfaction of Dutch car drivers with their travel using the satisfaction with travel scale (STS) - Dick Ettema, Tommy Gärling, Lars Eriksson, Margareta Friman, Lars E. Olsson, Sjef Moerdijk - January 2011 (pdf - 81Kb)

Urban restructuring: what about youth? - Diede Zwanenberg - January 2010 (pdf - 688Kb)

A Comparative Look at the Experiences of Displacement: The Cases of Amsterdam and Istanbul - Bahar Sakizlioglu - January 2010 (pdf - 8.32Mb)

Staying Put in the Neighbourhood? Connecting relocation behaviour of firms in urban residential neighbourhoods to local real estate characteristics - Anne Risselada - January 2010 (pdf - 4.61Mb)

Spatial knock-on effects of urban renewal - Hanneke Posthumus - January 2010 (pdf - 3.59Mb)

Co-evolution between MNEs and Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS) in the ‘Northwing’ of the Randstad  - Wouter Jacobs - January 2010 (pdf - 484Kb)

Self-organization in Urban Development - Beitske Boonstra - January 2010 (pdf - 1.93Mb)

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