Dual energy Gamma System

Most radioactive sources can produce gamma rays, with different energies and intensities for different species. This gamma ray system has two radioactive sources, Cesium 137 and Americium 241. The opening of source is 6mm.  While gamma rays emit through the source opening, the detector opposite can always measure generated spectrograms. If a sample is put between the source and the detector, the gamma rays will get attenuated when they go through the sample. Based on the decreasing of gamma rays, the length of the sample between the source and detector can be calculated. The attenuation caused by adsorption of the sample between source and detector can be described by Beer-Lambert Law.

With two sources, we can easily calculate the porosities and distributions for two-phase problem in porous media.


Our high performance computational cluster consists of 21 nodes, with a total of 252 CPU’s. The1 cluster is used for many purposes. Ranging from use for direct numerical simulation of fluid flow in porous media to running our in-house developed software and models.