Close your project

Phase seven of the project life cycle. Click the image to return to the overview page.

Now your project has come to an end there are still reporting requirements from the funding agency that require attention, as well as data archiving.

Below you will find information about Utrecht University's services, services specific for Geoscientists, and background information on the 'Closing your project' phase. Click the boxes to jump to the information you're looking for. 

Support and contact via Utrecht University

Data management and archiving

In your data management plan, you have stated where you publish your results and/or data. You should act according to your plan, as you have submitted it to the funder. According to Utrecht University's Open Science policy, data should be published ‘open when possible, closed when necessary’. Please note that your research data may not be published exclusively at a publisher, as per Utrecht University's data research policy.

Information and support for Geoscientists


Your reporting duties probably consist of a financial and a scientific part, please contact the faculty of Geosciences Financial department to assist you in this matter.

Data management and archiving

If you have processed personal data, adhere to the measures that you have made in your privacy scan to protect the privacy of your research subjects. If you want advice on how to anonymise your data, consult the faculty of Geosciences privacy manager.

You may archive your data in our Data Archive Geosciences (under development).

Your supervisor can give you more information on archiving physical samples and the Geosciences repository.

Background information

For additional questions, you can contact the Research Support Office.