Permeametry and conductivity apparatus

Transient step gas permeameter

Permeabilities of cores (25mm and 35 mm) and powders can be measured in the lab using the pressure transient pulse decay method. This apparatus is suitable for number of different gasses (Argon, Helium, CO2 and methane) and over a wide range of confining pressures. In addition, the permeameter can be used in conjunction with the Heard apparatus.

Contact resistivity cell

This cell can be used at (approximately) room temperature and under atmospheric pressure conditions to measure the electric resistivity of a pressure dissolving, annular contact between a glass lens and a salt crystal. At the same time, the growing contact can be directly observed through the glass lens. This cell has been used for example in the investigation of the structural and diffusional properties of grain boundaries under stress.

Pressurised conductivity cell

This cell is submerged in an oil bath and the temperature may be controlled to approximately 0.1 °C. Impedance spectroscopy with this cell can be done by use of a Solartron 1260A frequency response analyzer and 1296 dielectric interface. This cell is used for impedance spectroscopy on loaded powders with pore fluid and has recently been used on coal samples.