Online Coaching Center

Would you like to talk to somebody to get a new perspective, to think out loud, to share concerns, or to disentangle a knot you feel you are in? The OCC coaches are ready to talk with you about the questions you have and the goal you would like to achieve. 

About the program

The OCC makes coaching freely accessible to students who want to develop and discover themselves. It is a student-focused initiative that works with peer-to-peer coaching. The coaching is free of costs, so coaching is available to everyone. The OCC is part of the department of educational sciences of Utrecht University.  

OCC for Incluusion students

Each one of us develops continuously. Sometimes it is easy; sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes you feel like you can do better, but you don’t know how. Sometimes you feel stuck and you want to discover how to get started again with resilience and creativity. We are aware of the fact that having a refugee status can hide ones identity like a mask. One might feel lost, choices seem limited, and the future might look bleak. By applying to the Incluusion program, you have taken a first step to revive your educational life. The OCC can subsequently guide you during your journey of self-development. 

Interested in having a personal coach?

Visit the OCC website and apply for a session. If you prefer a coach with a specific background you can mention it in the application form (e.g. man, woman, refugee or specific academic background, etc.). 


Learning together is our currency