About our Community

The Incluusion Community is supported by people in a core group, who help organize the events and decide what the events should be about, based on the needs of the target audience. Having this core group ensures that the organization is bottom-up: the core group ensures that the refugees’ voices are heard and that community members have direct influence on what the Incluusion Community looks like.

The core group consists of:

  • Yousef Al Sallal – Student at Conflict Studies and Human Rights Master program and Former Incluusion student.
  • Le Hai Thao – Assistant Administrations Officer at ISA and former intern at Incluusion.
  • Hesham Al Sallal – Former Incluusion student.
  • Nour Al Halbouni - Restart Teacher and Student Affairs Officer at Incluusion and former Incluusion student and trainee.
  • Armin Djogic - Student Affairs Officer at Incluusion.


Do you have an idea about what the next event should be about, or do you want to organize an event yourself and do you need support with this? Then get in touch with the core group through Incluusion-community@uu.nl.

The Incluusion Community is supported by the EDI Office of the university.

Through the Incluusion Community, we work to foster a diverse and inclusive environment where students and employees with refugee backgrounds feel valued, empowered, and heard. We will work together to create a platform that promotes equality, understanding, and collaboration.

Nour Alhalbouni